Craft time!

We have received some requests for ideas on crafts! So - we will start - our friend, Laura V at Balloon and Novelty in Stafford, Texas. Balloon and Novelty (281-240-0788) sells many fun craft ideas at her store. (you can order online as well)

I have gotten a very good reaction from kids with their "Build a Sticker Scenes" The kids create a sticker scene with a background such as Tropical Fish, Farm Animals, Santa's Workshop and Valentine's Day. Best of all - I have a bunch of Valentine's Day sticker scenes I bought on sale last year. 

We will send free sticker scenes to the 1st 20 people who send an email! We are just mailing out the free Emergen-c packets and we really appreciate the kind words from the soon to be recipients !

Below are the underwater scene as well as the Valentine's one.


Unknown said...

Yay! Can't wait to get mine! Thank you for doing this!

Unknown said...

This is awesome!
Can't wait.

Unknown said...

Who do we email?

Unknown said...

What email address do we email it to?

Leigh Raymer said...

ISYN - the email is very prominent on the page, just click on it - tell me how many charges you have and we will send that many - your info will be 1000% private, this is not advertising, just a thank you to our readers, we'll send the emergen-c also!

Unknown said...

Here are two winter time fun but Messy projects:

Puffy Snowman
Lay out newspaper or a table cloth.
Draw 1 small circle for the head, 1 medium circle for the middle and 1 large circle for the bottom. A little bit of thicker paper works best.
cut out eyes, nose, mouth & buttons out of paper ( you can also add gloves, hat and boots too.)
In a large mixing bowl mix with a spoon equal amounts of Elmer's glue and shaving cream ( Barbarasol non scented brand works best )Mix until mixture makes peaks, do not over mix, add more glue as needed. Take large spoonfulls of the mixture and plop all over the snowman, let children spread and peak the mixture with their hands. Do not spread too thin or too long, it will not turn out puffy. Add the eyes, nose, mouth, buttons, hat, mittens boots. also add some sequins for a pretty addition.

Mug of Hot Cocoa
Cut out a mug using thicker paper. Use the same mixture as above. Add mixture on top of Hot cocoa mug spread mixture to make it look like marshmallows or whip cream.
add ice cream sprinkles to the mixture and add sequins on the mug to decorate.

Enjoy & have fun with it

Unknown said...

I love the snowmen, I made these when I volunteered in a 4 y/o kindergarten classroom, they turn out so cute! I was actually going to submit that one here!

Laura Villarreal said...

I've raised 2 kids and will share with you some of my favorite crafts:
1. Buy a box of popsicle sticks form the craft store and they can stack and glue them into a box shape, glue them on construction paper and make a house etc..endless possibilities.
2. Make Playdough: 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water, 1 cup of salt, 3 TB oil, 4 te cream of tarter. If using food coloring, add to water before mixing. Add all together and cook on med. heat till sticky and gathers in big lump and pulls away from side of pan. Cool and knead out the lumps.
3. Nature collages: Save cereal boxes to save the cardboard which is gives a nice weight to support collage. Have fun gathering leaves, twigs, pebbles etc. Let your kids have fun gluing the items to their cardboard.
4. Color Wall: Buy a roll of freezer paper (butcher paper) at the groc. store sold by the aluminum foil. Roll out large sections and tape to wall. The kids will love all of this large space to draw. You can also choose a wall in their room or play room and paint it will chalkboard paint found at Lowes's or Home Depot.
5. Edible Necklaces: Using Cherrios or Fruit Loops and some string or yarn, let them string them on the string and make a necklace. Good for hand/eye coordination!
6. Sponge Painting: Buy cheap sponges and cut them into various shapes. Cut 2 small slits on the top in the center and attach a clothespin. Kids can dip these into paint and press onto construction paper and use their imagination to create art.
7. Food Art: You can use a bag of macaroni and let them glue the pieces onto paper into art etc..
8. Homemade Fans: Draw a picture on a piece of construction paper or paper. Can color both sides. Show the child how to fold the paper back and forth into a fan shape using one inch folds. Get creative. They can also make all the folds and then color possibly coloring each panel.
9. Paper Bag Vest: Make a vest from paper bag by cutting a head hole, arm holes, and a fringe at the bottom. Your child can paint and decorate the vest. When it's dry they can wear it and add to their costume collection!
8. Create a Craft Box: Save egg crates, toilet paper and paper towel rolls, magazines, ribbon and wrapping paper scraps, paper plates,pipe cleaners, etc.. You can always pull this box out and let them get creative!
** I always had 2/3 books on hand that were my "go to" books for crafts, games, rainy days etc.. Many of these ideas came from "The Preschooolers Busy Book" by Trish Kuffner

Unknown said...

Thank you for all the fun ideas. Can't wait to try some of them!