another Craigslist WTF!?? !?!?!

******Seeking Sitter for our little Bubba **** (lakewood)

Childcare Needed Start Immediately

Seeking a nanny near Lakewood for 1 child. We are searching for a full work day (Tuesday 7:20am-4:30pm) and a half day of (Wednesday 7:20am-12:30pm) as well as occasional potential additional days a month based on mom's work schedule. Our little baby is our world and we love our baby so very much thus please know you will be taking care of first time parents baby. Hence very protective, caring, and extremely attentive to baby and everything and everyone in his world. Our little baby just turned 1 year and he will need to be taken care at our home. We are looking for someone that can commit to spending time with our son and give him the best care possible. This will require of nanny/sitter to be involved with him and playing during waking hours. Must be CPR certified. We will ask for proof. If not must be willing to get this done before start date.

Preference given to those who love reading to kids. An interest in musical instruments. We'd like someone who enjoys arts & crafts. Some light tidying up would be part of our caregiver's responsibilities; I will leave list of task to be done during sleeping time of baby. Nanny/babysitter will not be sitting down watching TV during paid time. In fact baby does not watch any TV or Netflix etc. thus no television or devices viewing of any kind. Schedule Details: We need guarantee days. We (mom and dad) are not flexible with our dates and times we must be in office thus, our child's care needs to be committed and consistent.

Note please do NOT apply if any of the following apply to you:
1) Do not have your own transportation or guarantee reliable source of transportation
3) You are allergic to dogs (we have two small yorkies)
4) If you have children you plan to bring with you; we ONLY want your attention to be for our baby
5) You do not have references (we will be asking for references)
6) You live outside of the Lakewood/Tacoma/Puyallup (within 20minutes) area (we do not want to hire someone that lives outside the city limits)
7) You do not have a Valid ID; you must be able to provide an ID
8) You are under 18 years of age; you must be at least 18 years old.

Pay: hourly pay negotiable ($5-$7) based on experience
Days: Tuesday 7:20am-4:30pm & Wednesday 7:20am-12:30pm
Hours: 14-16 hours a week plus possibly additional hours as needed

1) Reply to the email above
2) Resume/Experience/ description of your self (we need to know a bit about you)
3) Your full name
4) Number
5) Age
6) Availability (when can you begin)
7) Are you local to our city limits
8) Do you have reliable transportation

We will only contact perspective child care that is professional and is able to reply with all that is required.

We thank you in advance and look forward to hearing from you.


the teaching diva said...

Lol I wish you the best of luck in finding someone for this crappy wage and job description. During nap time, I'm tidying up the house, sorting clothes, washing dishes, planning activities, having lunch, reading, watching tv. Some children this age do not take a long nap; others do. And if "the list" doesn't get completed during the day, does your nanny get fired? I mean how much needs to be done during the day, considering its one full day?

FYI: I have a degree in education, four semesters each of psychology and sociology, and great credentials. I know my worth as a nanny, and am negotiable between $13-17/hr, considering I'm in the Midwest. I wish you would value your nanny, because it sounds like you don't.

Taleia said...

I don't see this as so terribly WTF if they'd double or triple the rate. For 16 hours a week, you're not going to find a career nanny - it'll be a college kid looking for a part time job between classes - but otherwise it doesn't sound like a terrible gig.

Lacy said...

This is such an illegal wage. Federal Minimum wage is $7.25 and on call employees are entitled to breaks/lunches--paid, but the standard/legal minimum amount of time. The going rate in that area for a low experienced nanny is $12/hour plus more for house keeping.

Unknown said...

ugh these people are nutz and really makes me appreciate my job. Next time i dont feel like working,or im cranky i will read this post and remind myself how damn good i got it!!!

Unknown said...

ugh these people are nutz and really makes me appreciate my job. Next time i dont feel like working,or im cranky i will read this post and remind myself how damn good i got it!!!

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

I just saw this posting on craigslist:

Anonymous said...

Lacy, you don't really know what you are talking about. This is basically a babysitting gig and there is no minimum wage for that. Stop spreading false info!

Taleia said...

Anonymous - if you're going to hire a nanny (even a part time one) then minimum wage is still in effect. I don't know why you'd think otherwise...