This is a FIRST! Multiple Great Nanny Sighting!

I SAW YOUR NANNY atr Colonial Park
With a lot of the negative nanny/sitter posts recently, I wanted to share one that is positive. I was at Colonial Park (Houston, Texas) on Friday morning with my toddler and there were about 8 or 9 different nannies or sitters there with their charges. ALL of them were engaged with the children in age-appropriate ways (i.e., younger kids had lots of supervision, older ones were allowed to play with a little more freedom). Very few were on their phones at any point, except to briefly take photos and (presumably) were texting them to parents at work. Children were encouraged to play politely, share, take turns, etc. Hopefully some of the working parents in the neighborhood can be encouraged that, more than likely, their nannies or sitters are providing great care to their kids.


KnoxvilleNanny said...

We DO exist. ;-)

Unknown said...

I would think that all the nannies that read this blog are all very great to their charges. A nanny that is so interested in the nanny community and comes here to get other nannies advice on how to be better and learn more tricks of the trade I'd guess would be in the top 10% of great nannies...like me!!! ;)

NannySharp said...

Kara Ivy,