Special Skills?

I would love to know how many nannies out there teach their charges any special skills such as playing a musical instrument, a sport, tutoring, hobbies, etc. Are the parents supportive? Appreciative? Do you have any arrangements regarding a budget for supplies, fees, etc?

I know in the past I've seen comments by nannies who have said they would refuse to give lessons w/out extra pay. Personally, if I'm going to spend 40 hours a week with my charges, I'd just as soon spend part of that time doing something I'm passionate about and sharing that passion! (I also chose to be a nanny because I wanted to be able to have an impact on children's lives, and knowing that my charges will have those skills and passion for the rest of their lives is what makes this job worth it for me.)

I am a swim teacher when I'm not nannying, and I love sharing that with my charges! We spent the summer poolside and now that it's cold out I try to get us to the indoor pool as often as possible. They are total beach bums and LOVE getting to swim. My goal is to have them all swimming independently by age 4. :) Their parents are thrilled (dad was a swimmer when he was younger) and pay the entrance fees to the pool for them and me. This summer I was in charge of getting everyone a swimsuit, sunglasses, etc, and keeping us stocked with swim diapers (I was reimbursed promptly for everything, and asked first if that was a task I'd like to take on). Recently I let them know that they all needed new waterproof shoes, and mb let me know a few days later that they had ordered them. I don't charge anything extra for this (but when I teach lessons, I make more than $5 over my hourly nanny rate).


Leigh Raymer said...

They are really lucky to have you - and parents that are smart will pay the nanny a little extra for teaching special skills - it saves them from everything from driving, scheduling and more extra money - keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

My 20 month old charge can throw a baseball overhand. He is going to play baseball just like his uncle did for the Detroit Tigers back in thr 70s. Charge also loves soccer and learning how to kick the ball. He is going to be a sports kid!!

Lacy said...

I teach my charges how to cook and bike. I race mountain bikes. I live in a great area for food and bikes. I love little's, but man I like big kids just because they are more capable. My 6 year old just got her training wheels off and my last 3 NF's, their kids never had training wheels. Being a beach town I live in, I only work for families who enroll their kids in swim lessons, just because a day at the beach is part of the local life, in the summer/fall/spring... and occasional winter day (it can be 70-80 in the winter here!).

It's much easier for me to help teach kids to ride their bikes if they have proper equipment. I interviewed once, told the family I love teaching that, they were excited I got the job with them telling me "the skills you can teach is why". I then learn the kids didn't have helmets, but borrowed the parents, their bikes were rusty, needed new break pads, ect. I informed the parents I can not let the kids ride a bike under my watch without proper protection(helmet and breaks) and we can't do much more then little rides in the neighborhood with a bike in dire need of a tune up. Turns out the parents though hiring me meant that stuff would magically happen. Another family, bought the kid a nice bike; the bike shops here like me so I was able to get them hook up.

Sarah said...

I actually have taught my charges sign language. The first child I taught sign language to is now in college and teaches sign language to parents with death children.

Sarah said...

I actually have taught my charges sign language. The first child I taught sign language to is now in college and teaches sign language to parents with death children.