Office Manager turned Nanny? by SS4857

First, let me start by stating I am NOT a writer!  Please don't expect this post to be grammatically correct.  You may see run on sentences, misspelled words and wrong punctuation.  So for that I apologize.  Now here is my story.

 About two years ago I was hired as an office manager for a small (3 person) firm at $16/hr.  The owner (an acquaintance I had know about a year) had a small 4yr old child.  After starting work, I quickly realized I was not really the office manager, but more a personal assistant/nanny.  I was asked to stop by her home on my way into work to pick up the child and take him to school, and then pick him up if she was going to be late.  When he was ill, I was to go into the office for an hour or so, then to her house to stay with the child for the remainder of the day so she could be at the office.  One week, I took the child to the dr 3 times (she met me there one of those times)  I had literally been at her house about 35 hours that week and not at the office.  The following week she wanted to know why I did not get any office work done the previous week.  Needless to say that was the beginning to the end of our working relationship. The hard part for me was I was concerned about what my leaving would do to the child as he had become like my own.  (He had even spent weekends at my home when she went out of town)  Thankfully, she decided to "restructure" her firm and an office manager was no longer needed.  I was so relieved when she "let me go" I hugged her and said "Thank you!" and asked her to please keep in touch.  She did and she still asks me to to babysit...

Just curious to know how you would have handled this situation?

Thanks for reading!


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Leigh Raymer said...

in your neck of the woods - what would a nanny/personal assistant with your experience have been making?