Nanny Mea Culpa - I Know I Did Wrong

Received 10/26/2015

I was a nanny and I hire nannies. But i know nannies are not perfect and not only make mistakes, but sometimes use their position to an advantage.

In the middle 90's I had numerous customers, nanny shares etc , and I was good. I loved the kids and they loved me. I had so many requests that I had to get every friend involved . I would watch the kids non-stop with my eye-balls on them, no being on the phone, no distraction, nothing. And I entertained them non stop - stories songs etc, so - yeah, they loved me and I loved them.

So, i was about 18 years old and decided I would start a mail order company sending fun stuff to kids at summer camp. So i used my nanny jobs. All the kids went to the best schools and each family had the school directory sitting by the phone. Over a period of 2 months i copied all the names and addresses of pretty much all the families in town with money.

It worked - a little. I got many calls and sent out many fun packets to kids at camp - and made a small profit, with the parents telling me how much the kids loved my product and were big to their friends at camp.

But i realize now it was an invasion and would never and have never done it since. Even the best of nannies can make a mistake


Anonymous said...

meh. You were 18. I would not lose any sleep over this.
The important thing is that you recognize your mistake and wouldn't repeat it. We all make mistakes. While it wasn't the best decision, it certainly wasn't a horrific crime.
Jest forgive yourself and move on..

Corina said...

That was not a mistake. You made some children happy while at camp.

nc said...

I agree. That isn't really a mistake. You made kids, and their parents, quite happy it seems...

Taleia said...

It was a mistake - as you said, an invasion of privacy. Not very major. More poor judgement. Sort of what you'd expect from... oh, I don't know - an eighteen year old? ;)

Corina said...

Not a big deal. I don't even know why you feel guilty.