Nanny Generals Needed To Outline Leaving Campaign

From: K.L. :   I Need To Get Away From A Bad Situation To My Real Dream Job - HELP!

The time has come for me to leave my nanny job and get out of childcare completely. It is not for me and I am totally drained from the past year working for a family that wasn't a good fit for me.

I have been unhappy in my nanny job for a while and applied for the state at a home for people with disabilities, which is what i have always enjoyed doing. Well, 4 months later I was finally offered the job! I'm ecstatic!  The problem is I have to start training at the end of November, yet my current boss has a million things on her schedule for the next two months.

The biggest issue is I am supposed to be going on a cruise the last week of December with the family. I told my future employer about this and they said they would get back to me but I would not be able to go if the cruise interfered with the training schedule.

My MB is also going away the week before that and is going away this week so I can't even talk to her about it yet. (She decided to leave with her husband for a week and gave me 1 days notice that I need to stay at her house with the kids while they are gone. I am not a live-in and had no heads up.)

Anyway, my MB is very hot tempered. She breaks out in hives when things don't go her way and is totally unreasonable. I'm worried if I quit and can't go on the cruise she will try to bill me for the tickets. I can't afford that. There is nothing in my contract about this. I'm giving her about 3 weeks notice but I'm terrified. Has anyone been in a similar situation? I don't know what to expect but it won't be pretty.


Leigh Raymer said...

The part of this that worries me the most is when you told your dream job employers about the cruise. You need to get a committment in writing from the Dream Job - NOW and tell them in no certain terms you are there for the training and ANYTHING they want from you.

The - get ready it won't be pretty - but you need to get out of there - it's clear in your story that this MB is affecting your health and self esteem - keep us posted. There are some really smart people on here who know how to get out of a bad job - i hope we hear from them fast!!!

keep us posted on everything - i hope you get your dream job!!!!!

Corina said...

If you found your dream position don't take a chance in losing it. You are not happy in your job. The cruise is not until end of December. I believe if they give the cruise line 30 days notice they would reimburse them. I could be wrong. But tell the family now. Worse comes to worse they may be charged a booking fee, usually $100.00. Maybe if that is the case you can pay that. But if they hire a new nanny they could hopefully change name on ticket. Let us know what happens.

Jen said...

This is so silly! Why all this angst? It's a JOB! Be a pro, grow a pair and give your NF notice. Two weeks is the min. If you can offer three weeks, great! If not, two weeks is plenty.

Will they like it? Probably not, but you're an employee. You work until you no longer want to work and at the end, tender your resignation.

Gah! Some people are so dramatic!

lacy said...

Don't stress about giving them notice. Don't worry about them. The fact they gave you one day notice about needing you for overnights for a week proves to me that they don't respect you. So you providing them with 3 weeks notice is kind and respectful.

The cruise... do you truly want to go, can you change your mind. If the family tells you its going to cost us X to remove you ask to see it in wring from the cruise line. I don't know much about laws with that... but any family who books a nanny on their vacation should be taking a gamble. If your contracted to provide 1 month notice and you do.... then I see no reason why you are responsible for the cruise.

this_nick said...

The cruise isn't your problem. Don't make this complicated, just go. Give notice, but if Mom makes it impossible to stay, so be it - just move on.