Name Dropping on A Class Act Former Nanny

A Magical Time With Marcia Williams and Family

Circa 1992 my children's catering company worked in the Los Angeles area and of course famous people are everywhere so we - thru another agency- scored a job working with Robin Williams and his family - Zak, Zelda and Marsha ( Cody was not born yet). We worked with them 3 times at a series of events and our job was to play with and take care of the kids - my job was to watch Zelda, almost 3, and my friend Dan was assigned Zak, almost 8 and his friends.

Marcia was the family's nanny before marrying their dad and it was a bit of a story back then - but she was and is a great lady/mom.

Robin, the dad was just how you see him in movies - i was helping Zelda jump in a bouncy house and he kept saying her name in increasingly funny ways  "ZELDA!"  "zzEEEldddaa!" Zelda was unstoppable in the bouncer - she was determined to bounce as MANY times as possible without stopping so my work was cut out - i got her to drink water as much as possible and cajole her to stop for a few minutes. Today she is known as a successful athlete.

Zak really liked my employee Dan - yay! because Dan was an expert on riddles and so was Zak - i still use today their favorites - Why can't a bicycle stand up by itself? It's too tired!  What do ghosts eat for breakfast? The middle out of donuts

Marcia would personally bring us cokes and made sure to tip each one of us (four people) $100 in an envelope. She made sure we got it directly and did not send it to the agency. A magical time with a magical family!

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