Cabin John Dog Park, MD Your daughter fell and hit her head on concrete

I saw your daughter fall off the table, on the back of her head on the concrete below. She appeared to have bruising on her right check, right side of head and behind right ear. I suggested that the nanny call you immediately or take your daughter to the pediatrician. She seemed to dismiss my comments and there was no sense of urgency around medical intervention or notifying you. She did pick up your daughter who would not stop crying and your daughter kept holding the back of her head. Your daughter was in a teal sweater, light brown/reddish straight hair, between 18 mos - 2 years. Nanny was African, short reddish/brown hair, natural texture, with dog named "Shadow"? I hope she told you of this incident.

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Anonymous said...

Its when they don't cry that you should worry.

Carolina said...

How do you know she wasn't acting urgently? The best this in that situation is to stay CALM. Tend to the child who is hurt- yes. But also shocked and scared. Picking the child up and focusing on the child was the best thing immediately. She had a bruise and prob swelling. She wasn't bleeding was she? She wasn't passed out? OK then.

How do know she didn't monitor her for hours after and already aware of how to monitor and what to look out for with head injuries. How do you know she then didn't call the parents. Or check in with ped?

Maybe you butting in during that time wasn't what the situation needed. Ever think about that?

Instead of judigng someone go grab a bag of ice and I dont know...actually help? Or justvstare and judge away.

Corina said...

Bigger question why was the 18 month old or two year old up on the table?

RBTC said...

OP - thank you for your time in posting this - a child should not be falling on a long distance to concrete when a responsible care giver is present - better safe than sorry

Carolina said...

Do any of you have children- toddlers can go from 0-90 in less than a blink of an eye.

My 3 kids were always with bumps and bruises( super fair skin) I was always attentive but sometimes shit happens.

I haven't seen a post on here where the caregiver was actually without a doubt doing something I'll mannered to a child in a while. And we don't know these circumstances it it seems unfair. This is someones livelihood.

As a mom I'd totally understand my kid jumping, climbing or throwing a tantrum off a table. Because I know my crazy kids. They are pistols.

Always two side I guess.... Hope that baby a good snuggle and feels better.