From London to New York

I am 21 from London currently studying distantly towards an English literature degree and have been nannying for three years, my current family are moving to the country side and I have no desire to move there. I have always dreamed about moving to New York and have heard that there a ton of nannying jobs in NY. Is there much change of them employing someone overseas or would they prefer someone local who knows the area? I'm also wondering if it's easy to make friends, I'm very sociable and easy going but I know it can be a struggle to make friends.
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Anonymous said...

Unless you're planning to be an au pair or work illegally, you will need someone to sponsor a work visa for you (unlikely!)

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if I understand correctly - you live in UK and want to move to NYC? Or you are from UK, now in USA studying and want to move to NYC?