Mandated Reporters and Emotional Abuse

Mostly, we all know that we have an obligation to the child and the law to report physical abuse. But what if it's something more sinister? What of emotional abuse?

Consider taking a job as a nanny and growing to love your child and then realizing that one of the parents has her own psychological issues. Perhaps she's narcissistic, sadistic, borderline. Maybe she is all three. How do you help her children in this case?

As the nanny, you may find yourself in an especially peculiar position, the ability to insulate the child from some of the parent's abuse. Will it take a toll on you? Absolutely. But what happens if you report it? What comes of it?

Does anyone have an experience with this? How do you protect the child? If you lose your job, the next nanny might not care about the child. In fact, the next nanny may understand in fact that showing appreciation for the mother's verbal barbs and chilling insults might yield you professional gain and chose herself over the child. It happens more than you think.

We're looking for nannies who want to share their experiences working with parents going through their own turmoil, parents who cannot see beyond their own divorce or defecit to offer the child the love and assurance they need.

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nc said...

I think emotional abuse happens a lot more than most people would suspect. However, it is hard to prove the emotional abuse is to the level where the state/city would take action. Emotional abuse can be just as damaging as physical or sexual abuse, but it's just hard to prove, unfortunately.

Miss Dani The Nanny said...

If this is an actual project, I would love to participate! I'm a special needs child of a grieving parent who I think was abused as a child. My childhood was interesting, to say the least.