I Saw Your Nanny at the Rye Golf Club in Rye, NY

I am attaching photos and information about a nanny that I witnessed at the Rye Golf Club pool area on 8/17 around 3:30/4 pm. I saw the nanny from across the pool area, and I noticed that she was wearing a Baby Bjorn with a small newborn inside. On this particular day, it was over 90 degrees and very humid. As you can see from the picture, the baby is completely covered with the material. I was very concerned for the baby's well-being, and I went up to her and asked why she was wearing that on this type of day, and if there's any way that the baby could breathe in there. She insisted that it was fine, but when she later pulled the fabric off the baby, its face was bright red. I then told her that she should remove the baby from there, but she said if she did, that the baby would cry. I then asked her if she had a stroller for the baby, and she said yes.
I Saw Your Nannny

I Saw Your Nannny

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Miss Dani The Nanny said...

WI DHFS state that all children, even infants, are taken outside for an hour per pay, which is broke into two 30 minute periods. The only exceptions are weather: if the temperature and/or heat index is 90* or higher, we do not go outside. The rule for winter is if the temp and/or windchill is below 20*, children under two remain inside. If the temp and/or windchill is below 0*, children 2 and older remain inside.

I go by the same principle as a nanny: last weekend it was hot, and I knew we wouldn't be going outside in the afternoon, so we splashed around in the pool in the morning. I can see being at the pool or splash pad in the morning, but not the afternoon in these conditions, especially with a newborn.

Perhaps the parents forced the nanny to take the kids out? Either way, nanny should've known better. Something could've happened to this babby, and she's lucky nothing did.

RBTC said...

you are a hero OP - that really looks dangerous for the baby - being smothered with no air - keep us updated

ThoseCrazyMadrigals said...

That is an ergo baby carrier and yes it is safe for infants if worn correctly, which it looks like she is. Baby wearing is tremendously beneficial for infants - much moreso than a stroller.

Corina Yildiz said...

Not when it's 90 + degrees.

Charity Nelson said...

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