Pier at 70th & Hudson in NYC

Location: Pier
Date: 7/21/15 around 1230 PM
Description of nanny: I saw Your Nanny, a Large white woman wearing stretch jeans and a black and white disco-y shirt that was too small and rolled up over her stomach. She had her hair in a tight pony tail with thick but small hoops and a scarf as a bandanna. She didn't talk but she looked Russian.
Child: One child in a blue Bopsy navy stroller with white and blue canopy and one girl who was almost 5? and chubby with curly ringlets of brown hair. She was wearing a pink animal print skirt and pink tank top with pink glittery tennis shoes that lit up.
Incident: The child was whining and wanted to go in the stroller, the nanny ignored her. The child kept approaching the stroller trying to grab it, the nanny walked faster. When the child reached for the stroller, she pushed her away. She pushed her back at one point and she fell over. The nanny didn't stop but turned around, looked at her and shook her head. I don't know if the kid was sick or had been out for awhile or what, but I'm guessing if the nanny would have opened her mouth and got down on the child's level and said one word to him, this miserable scene could be ignored. The whole time they were in my view, that poor girl was crying and fell behind even in a semi crowded area. I would never walk in such a public place without my child's hand!

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Anonymous said...

Let's stop saying "nanny" in these could be a parent. Regardless, I hope she's not the mom and the parent sees this.

"Looked Russian"... Um, I've worked for and with can't tell just by looking at them. This is the reason why many white prospective adoptive parents used look to Russia and Ukraine for their kids.