Literal Confirmation on Why I was Fired

I understand that you have the right to terminate me. Just for the sake of closure and so I know for next time, I'd like to know if I did something wrong or offended you.

I really don't want to get into this with you. Good luck.

So I'm fired after two months, no warning you were unhappy, no severance and no explanation.


You're professionalism is astounding.

Your appetite is astounding.

What does that mean?

Steel Cut Oats? Vodka sauce? Pretzel bites?  Chuby Hubby ice cream? Lemon Wafers? Genoa by the block? Since you insist to know, I could not afford to continue to feed you.

I responded after that, but not as nicely or succinctly. So let's stop here. But.... Why are all these skinny, boobless, hipless, soulless New York women so consumed by what the live in nanny is or is not eating?

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Claire said...

If you are eating their food, they have every right to be consumed by it. They are footing the bill.

They should have brought it up first and tried to remedy the problem. But that probably wasn't the only issue.

Anonymous said...

She should have brought it up first.

Communication is incredibly important, and if she fails at it, you better not working for her.

Take this as a lesson and in your next interview, ask the potential employer the rules when it comes to food.

Employers are different and below are the type you'll come accross the most throughout your carrear.

1- The first type will have absolutely no problem feeding you whatever you like. LITTERALLY whatever you like.

2-Some others will feed you but with some regulations (eat the meals and snacks in the meantime as the children) and ask you to use a good judgment when it comes to the amount you eat. These are the most common family expectations you'll come accross when it comes to food.

3- The last will be the either wealthy but stingy or families that are on a tight budget. You will be absolutely not aloud to eat any of their food and will have to bring your own at all time. I tend to avoid working for this type because my experience has proven that they get stingy in a lot of other areas.

Make sure that there is a good communication for the next one and all should go smoothly.

Good luck :D !

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in what your response was.

Jessica said...

If you were eating on this scale all the time and not once buying any food for yourself, she has a point. I know that live-ins eat as part of their remuneration package, but some nannies take it too far!

I am constantly offered food, but I rarely indulge and never to the extant that NFs get concerned.

Food is hella expensive and it isn't cool to eat everything you see. Also, sometimes parents have plans for certain items only to come home and find it eaten up. There was a mom post regarding this very issue not long ago on the mommy boards.

I hope your final response was professional. Look at it as a lesson. Eat when families offer, but remember you're at work and show restraint.

Lucy said...

Agree! Also, families budget food. It doesn't matter if they're wealthy, they still look at expenses. Use common sense and don't go crazy cause it's 'free' food!

Shannon said...

I find your characterization of a whole city of women as soulless, boobless or whatever else ridiculous. Body shaming is wrong no matter the body.

I think her point is valid if you truly were eating them out of house and home. Yes. She could have been more generous and accepted your voracious appetite as part and parcel of having a nanny. But it appears to have been too much for her.

Hopefully you learned from this. And hopefully she learned to set clearer boundaries.

Heather p said...

Basically we want to know..what do you weigh?

Sara said...

No. I don't. I am curious to know what her final reply was though.

melissa said...

You asked why you were fired. In fact, you pressed her as to why you were fired. She answered you. They have a right to be concerned about what they're spending on what you're eating. I'm guessing your reply wasn't particularly professional (which is ironic given the fact you chided her about her professionalism), which just says to me that you shouldn't be a career nanny. Grow up.

Anonymous said...

Many of the women/nannies on this site are extremely quick to pass judgement. None of us are perfect. therefore none of us have the right to tell someone they are not good at their job(especially from one post) or should not be a nanny. We have all made mistakes or sometimes have let someone get under our skin. Whatever happened to constructive criticism??? Not referring to everyone

Nanny Sarah said...

This isn't judgment. This IMO is telling a nanny that her boss had a good point. I'd feel the same if the nanny was making any other type of mistake.

Obviously her boss had an issue with her food consumption. It cost her a job. It is my hope - and several other people's- that she see it as a learning experience.

Sometimes, it takes an objective pov to shine a light on an experience. It'd do her no good to get a bunch of fakery and pats on the back saying: good job, what a horrible woman etc...

U absolutely have no issues calling out a bad family, but when a nanny has erred, I will say that.

I had a great group of nannies around when I started. Internet groups weren't big then, but they definitely called me out on my nonsense.

I learned from my mistakes

Nanny Sarah said...


this_nick said...

OP you're right in that your boss was unprofessional. As an employer she has the responsibility to be clear about expectations and address it when they're not being met. Maybe she's busy starving herself and jealous of you for letting yourself eat. Who knows. Anyway don't sweat it. If she would let a quality child care provider go over something like that, she's not worth working for.