Lila's Nanny in Hoboken, NJ

Location:Hoboken, NJ at the Monroe Center
Date: July 22, 2015
I saw your nanny at Monroe Center in Hoboken on Wed. July 22. and Monday, July 27. Your daughter (named Lila) was in a blue stroller. Both times the child was upset and crying. The nanny was yelling at her to stop crying and was saying mean things to her, threatening her and mocking her.. I heard her say “your mommy told you not to cry and I will tell her you didn’t listen” She gave your daughter food and yelled at her for getting crumbs on herself the first time. On Monday she was telling her that she wasn't thirsty that they would be right back home. I tried to assess if an older sibling is going to theater camp there or maybe Mom works at the Monroe Center, but could not.
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Anonymous said...

OP- do you have any more info on either the nanny or child? Age, description, etc?

RBTC said...

let us know anything else Op - thank you for looking out for the kids