Baffled in Buffalo, NY
I have a problem. I relocated to Western New York from Boston, Mass. with my husband who is doing his residency at a hospital here. Him doing his residency requires that I work, of course. I always have. In Boston, I worked for 7 years as a nanny. At my first nanny job, I made $600 a week. At the last one, $950. I have a four year degree in early childhood education. I am really concerned that there are people posing as NANNIES who are asking for $20 and $25 a day here.

I can't figure out how this is. I went to talk to someone who used to place nannies (and now places temporary office workers) and she said, the people nannying are usually on welfare and food stamps. They get medicaid for themselves and their children. They might even be on section 8. So $125 a week is just party money because all of their needs are met.

Are you kidding me? I have to support my husband and I and pay rent on a $900 apartment, plus, car insurance on two cars and one car payment.  Why doesn't the government go after these people? They are making it hard for real nannies to get work. They are exposing their children to questionable caregivers and they are bankrupting the United States. I got a job at a department store. I'm great with kids but I'm working in the menswear section of a department store. Don't worry my employer and I pay our taxes.

Has anyone else heard of these crap pseudo sitters wrecking the nanny market?
-Baffled in Buffalo

PS..I just set out on the online sites again.,, Craigslist.. What is wrong with people?
75$ a week nanny
$115 a week nanny
What's the job market like in your neck of the woods? ISYN wants to hear from you.


Anonymous said...

It's not the norm, at least not from what I've experienced. Nannies that know their worth charge much more. I charged $25 an hour while I was a nanny, and I had a contract that guaranteed at least 30 hours a week, paid vacation (one week they pick, one week I pick), sick days, and overtime. You have to be picky if you want this stuff, not every family will give it to you. Before I left for another industry, I interviewed with several families to find the right type. In the beginning of my unexperienced work, I would take what I could find for more experience, and references. If I quit my current job today, I would still be making a living wage if I went back to being a nanny. Just keep a look out for families that will try to take advantage of you and you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

If it can make you feel better, Nannies don't stay in that kind of positions. They take them out of despair and as soon as they rebounce on their feet , they leave .

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm talking about REAL NANNIES not WANNABE

melissa said...

They're not even nannies. And the people who ask for those kind of people only want a "nanny" for the sake of saying they have one. But the sad facto actually that (as I'm sure you've noticed) Buffalo is NOT Boston. I grew up in Buffalo, and actually started my nanny career there. I know that I could never have continued it there though. It's just generally not a high end area. Keep looking. You'll find someone who's looking for quality. Good luck getting through residency. I've been there too.

not a sitter said...

Like the others mentioned, they aren't nannies. They're sitters who don't know the first thing about being a professional nanny. Also, care is guilty of telling parents that the average pay for a nanny is ten per hour. I made that sitting for my neighbor when I was a young teen

Anonymous said...

Hook up with an agency. You don't need the families that use these lowwage nannies anyway

Anonymous said...

I moved from Boston to Buffalo for medical school 3 years ago and was SHOCKED by this too! It's just an entirely different culture here, unfortunately. I think a lot of people have tons of family around and use them rather than babysitters, at least that's what it seems like. I nannied for a year in Boston just after college, and used to babysit there nearly every weekend. I would make $20/hour babysitting there and here I make $13/hour, for just one family. When I first moved here, I tried to build up a clientele but got tired of everyone's reactions when I asked for $15/hour (not to mention that med school doesn't leave me much time for sitting ;).

Maybe your husband's attendings or co-residents will know someone in need of a nanny? Also, I had better luck posting myself as a sitter with my rates included rather than replying to ads that were posted on care and sittercity. Some of the craigslist ads are absolutely outrageous. Good luck!!! I'm sure you'll find a great family!

Unknown said...

OK let's remember the cost of living for Buffalo in comparison to Boston are worlds different. You can raise a family of 4 (modestly yes) on $1500 a month here where that doesn't pay your rent in Boston. While I think I deserve more then $8 an hour I've made up to $20 an hour. The ones who offends me the most are people who want to pay you $3-$5 an hour! Hello it's your children oh yes for multiple children, u pay a mechanic more to work on your car!