When DB is a Douchbag

Does anyone ever want to quit because of a rude DB?
John Peers

This weekend, there were some drain problems at the house. DB is wealthy, but a tight ass. He tried to plunge it himself and then he bought some short snake and tried that. He ended up calling a roto rooter type company who came and cleared the line for $145. DB YELLED at me for flushing a tampon. I guess that was the culprit. It wasn't me, but I didn't think I should have to defend my sanitary habits. He really wanted to argue. I told him simply, "I have never flushed a tampon anywhere". The truth is I don't even use tampons. Asshole.

Get this. He then told me, "The next time, you'll be paying the whole bill." He said this after I said it wasn't me.  Does anyone else work for an asshole DB?

I really want to quit over his shit.

Other things I have to endure.
* When I babysit, I get paid extra, cash. $15 an hour. If I work two hours and 35 minutes- MB will give me $50. If I work two hours and 35 minutes and he pays me, he will pay me $39. Something precise and exact like that, when we all know $40 would be easier!

*Sometimes when I run errands with MB and the kids, doctor's appts, etc, we stop at a deli and get bagels or sandwiches or pizza. No problem. DB needed me to go with him to son'y physical and drop him at the train station afterwards. After the physical, we had 35 minutes until the next train, so we went inside a Jewish deli with sitdown waitress service. I sat with the kid on one side of the booth. The waitress came and asked if she could get us drinks. DB ordered two cheeseburgers with fries and ice tea and then looked at me and said, "did you want a tea?" I was so shocked I said, "No, I'm fine". Even the waitress looked at me weird. I sat there while the pig devoured his burger and fries and slurped down his tea. (I REALLY WANT TO KNOW- HAS ANYONE ELSE HAD THIS HAPPEN?)

*When DB is due home, he is always late and never calls. The one time he wasn't late, he was early, didn't let me know he was coming home early and I was in the pool with the two kids. He threw open the door off the sun room and said, "Sorry to interrupt all this hardwork, but I came home to take my kids to a baseball game, it would be nice if they could not be dripping wet". Can I just say here that I know nannies who can't swim and nannies who won't swim. I know nannies who will only get their lower bodies wet and don't let the kids splash their face or hair. I'm in the pool playing games with the children. And he makes me feel like an ass? And all the times he is late, he knows I won't dare expect extra pay. Granted, it's never more than an hour, but his time is important- why isn't mine??

MB is the complete opposite of him. She is fun, light and bright. I have noticed things like the kids getting in trouble at school and she will tell me, "let's just keep this between us". with the overwhelming tone being that DB is too hard on the kids. Too grumpy. Not to be inconveniences, etc.
So, after this latest incident, I don't feel like it is worth the effort. I have been here since October. The few times I see him in the morning, he won't even say good morning. When I say good morning to him, because, I'm a human being, he will NOD. Yeah, nod.

I'm pretty sure he resents me because he thinks that my job is silly and hates that they pay $900 a week to me. I can't win right? I mean unless he drops dead, he's going to keep fucking with my self esteem, mood and time.

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Anonymous said...

LOL It definitely wasn't a Jewish deli if he ordered (and received) cheeseburgers. But yeah, he's an ass. If MB makes it worthwhile, then I'd just suck it up. That's a personal choice though.

legendury said...

He is a bit of a jerk but I guess it depends on what you can endure. For that amount of pay and the children and the mother are great I would just ignore him. He'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I worked for a family like that once. Mom was okay, but would make sure to tell me to not let my charge get a scratch or he'll yell at her/me. Turns out, he didn't like that his wife chose to go back to work part time after almost two years and he blamed me for it, and made her feel guilty when the baby would cry when she left (for like 5 minutes, then she was as happy as could be). I'd say get out of there asap.

Anonymous said...

Yup sounds about right.It will only be something eles. Save your money for that rainy day. 20 years iv been doing this. Power over you in his house.I have so many db story's.

Anonymous said...

You will end up talking to a shrink and you will be very un happy.I feel sorry for his wife who can't leave as easy as you.

Jenny said...

Wow! Yea. No. I'd be out the door. I don't accept this treatment from anyone. It's not worth it. By the way, getting money to work at night is what they're supposed to be doing. I don't usually have time to come at night, but if I do I get paid. And my boss rounds up. Your DB is a real jerk!

RBTC said...

you know there are pros and cons - the money is not bad - you should stick it out as long as possible and save money like PP said.
Your instincts that he resents paying you the money are very good - what it boils down to is - can you let his personality roll off of you?

I have been in situations like that and eventually i have to quit because my personality is sensitive to rudeness and irrationality - but - i have only been able to quit when i can afford it and have another job lined up

There are enough good points that you should probably stick it out if you can for as long as possible as the dad is the only bad point in a good situation

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can explore other options without quitting? Obviously, this depends on how fed up you are with your current situation, but try to see if there are other families who will pay as well, or close enough that you could live with it, and consider your options.