Paulus Hook Waterfront in Jersey City

Location: Paulus Hook Waterfront (near the marina) of Jersey City, NJ
Date: Monday, June 15, 2015 @2:40 PM
See photo for description. 
Incident:  I saw Your Nanny! As I walked toward this woman, I noticed that she was hunched over. I was about to approach her to (1) check if she was breathing, and, if so, tell her to wake up, and (2) put the sunshield down (the sun was shining directly on the baby's eyes, and that stroller has a grey UV sunshade for this purpose), when she, in her slumber, fell forward and caught herself just before falling off of the bench. When she fell over, a nice gentleman of approximately the same age asked her if she was okay and she either mumbled something or said nothing at all before making a quick exit toward the marina (away from the park that overlooks the Colgate clock). The baby was awake and kicking the entire time (I could see the little legs moving), and the caretaker never had her hands on the stroller while she was dozing. During the time it took for me to reach her, I also noticed several other adults, children, and dogs walking in close proximity to her and the baby, and this woman never stirred.
Please send your nanny sighting to isynblog@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

Finally ! A genuine nanny sight that is bad enough to be reported unlike many others.

This woman should not be a Nanny :( I can't imagine if someone would have passed by and stole the baby !!

I hope the mother of this baby visits this site often so she can fire her a.s.a.p . In fact, I think that the situation in this case is so grave that I would have called the police or social services to make sure she never nannies again!

ZD said...

The employers of this nanny are probably working her to death and she is exhausted!

Anonymous said...

First, we need to STOP saying this nanny!! No where do I see a sign saying this lady is the nanny. She could be the grandmother for all we know. Let's say this PERSON was not watching this baby properly. I am so sick of the NANNY always getting the blame when you do NOT know this is the nanny!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Then you QUIT!! I am a NANNY and while I don't condone employers that take advantage of us, treat us badly and pay us poorly, I still think that this woman shouldn't be allowed to look after an HELPLESS BABY who rely on the CARE of her NANNY!
For god sake something could have happened to this poor baby ! On this one I'm sorry but I don't stand on the nanny's side and believe she should be fired on the spot and consider herself lucky if she doesn't get a law suit for baby neglect and endangerment.
NANNIES OUT THERE : Please don't take a job that you don't like and instead wait for the right fit that your happy with because at the end of the day, this is our own fault if we choose to stay in shitty positions and we should not taking it out on the children we care for... I always look after them and love them as if they were my own although always make sure I'm on the same line with the parents BEFORE I start the position, and if there is many redflags and realise it's not going to work out, I QUIT!

Me! said...

I agree we don't know if this is the nanny and not the grandmother, but whoever it is should never be allowed sole responsibility for a child! Poor baby could have been kidnapped, hurt or otherwise assaulted.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily the nanny folks - she could be the grandparent. Hopefully the parents see this.


Gia said...

Honestly, she looks like she is high on opiates. I have sadly seen this before. My guess is she has been prescribed pills and either she is intentionally taking too many or she didn't realize how they would make her feel.
I can tell just by the way she is sitting, she is nodding off. It has a distinct look. This is crazy dangerous, I hope the parents see this!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you went off the deepend. Smdh. I see nothing more than an older woman fixing off. Something my own sober and sane grandmother would do.


Anonymous said...

*DOZING off. Lol wow

OTNanny said...

Honestly, upon seeing this, my first thought was "grandmother" and my second thought was "drunk/on drugs", with the way she is slumped over like that.