Beach Nanny

Alfredo Lopez
Our nanny moved with us from the West Coast to the NYC area. One of her favorite things to do is go to the beach with the children during the summer. We live in a very safe area, but I wonder about Jones Beach and Coney Island and the beaches around the city, first for general safety.

I'm also worried that because she has to travel so far to get there, she might attract the attention of a sinister male and he might try and follow them and put the children in danger. I haven't discussed this with her yet, because she did me a huge solid to move with us to help acclimate us to the East Coast. The kids, (3 & 7) are very happy to have her here.

She is a very attractive young woman, with a very curvaceous figure and she dresses in attire that doesn't hide it. I am not saying she should hide it. I had no problem with her taking the kids to the beach in California, because it was literally within walking distance and very local. But now she must travel sometimes on subways or by car and I don't know how to broach with her that crime is more rampant in NY. I also want to make sure to talk to her about concern just for her, not just about my kids being victims by association.

She is a wonderful nanny, but she's also a young heterosexual who doesn't mind the attention of men. And she is trying to meet people since she is new to the area. I've just started having an anxious feeling in my stomach when I see her leaving for the beach. Tell me I'm wrong. Talk to me about the safety of the beaches.

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Anonymous said...

This isn't the 80's. NYC is much safer than what it's perceived to be. I'm a nanny and I go to the beach with my charges, also young and attractive and I've never had a problem. Trust in your nanny that she will be able to take care of herself and the children and that she would know when to leave a certain environment. She may get catcalls (I get them no matter the attire), but for the most part, especially when she's with kids, she'll be fine. I know you're new to area but she's fine.

Lifelong New Yorker said...

Your worries are overblown, for lack of knowledge about the area. I'm assuming she's making these beach trips during the day, and not to secluded places. Coney Island and Jones Beach are fine, just kind of dirty and overcrowded. The bigger concern I would have is not crime, but the difference between driving in New York and the West Coast. There are lots of pretty women on the beaches, and I doubt very much that your pretty nanny will draw any more attention than the next one.

this_nick said...

I think you need to stop watching Law & Order.

nc said...

NY isn't like what you see in the movies or on TV. As long as you are aware of your surroundings, like you need to be in any major city, you'll be fine.

Anonymous said...

jones beach is one of the safest beaches in NYC and clean. Coney island is very highly patrolled but if your concerned about crime then steer away from coney island the train ride there can be a little skeptical and it can be a little "ghetto" but jones is 100% fine and safe!

Anonymous said...

God lord woman...if NY is so bad, why the hell did you move here? SMDH. You've trusted your nanny before, don't let location change that. Get a grip or go back to your CA bubble

Angi, a HUGE NYC fan