The Switcheroo

      I interviewed with a family on Tuesday. They have just moved to a suburb of NYC in Connecticut. They were hiring a personal assistant, nanny and housekeeper. I interviewed for the nanny job. Upon further reflection, I think I would prefer the housekeeping job. The hours of that job are 8-3, five days a week. Childcare is only included if a child is home sick and if the child is sick enough to stay home, the child would be in his/her bed watching TV. I would just check on the child, bring meals, provide basic TLC. The pay of the housekeeping job is $750. The pay of the nanny job is $900 where the hours are 7:30-6:30. I'd love the PA job, it pays $1,000 per week but I have never done that before. Is there a tactful way to ask to be considered for the housekeeping job instead of the nanny job? I do have experience, I worked for a Merrymaids like outfit all through college. I want to communicate my desires appropriately so I don't lose out on the nanny job.


Anonymous said...

Just tell them your available for the position you want. You have better chances.

nannydeb said...

Just email/call them and say i have thought about all 3 positions you have available and although i interviewed for the nanny position i was wondering if you would consider me for the housekeeper position instead. The hours will work better for me. I am more than happy to provide references/ proof of my experience in that field as well

nannydeb said...
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