"Sweat Stain"

Carolee Clark
     We bought our nanny a bicycle in February for her birthday. She would occasionally ride it to work. Recently, she has been riding to work every day. It is getting warmer out, so she arrives, literally dripping in sweat.
      I work from my apartment so I am around most of the time and the smell is really bad. I also noticed that when she sits on vinyl or leather, she leaves a sweat stain where her vulva was resting.
     While I am glad she is getting enjoyment out of the bike, I would like to suggest that she shower upon arrival, and that to do so, she would need to arrive early enough to accommodate the length of shower she would like to take.
     I thought about an assortment of shower gels and a towel set, specifically picked out for her. The last thing I want to do is offend her, but I really don't think this can work unless a pre work shower starts to happen.
    Do you have any suggestions?


oh no! said...

That's gross! You shouldn't even have to tell someone something like this! Most people who bike to work figure out the prework shower. My boss rides her bike to work and showers at her gym. I'd tell her as directly and politely as possible!

Rebecca (Nanny of One) said...

I would tell her... I am glad that you are enjoying your bike. I notice the great work out your getting from it. I used to ride a lot and remember how sticky I felt after a long ride. I have prepared a complimentary shower kit for you as I invite you to shower in our home upon arrival so that you can get a fresh start to your day with us. Insert child's name thought it would be great to get you a embroided robe :) How adorable, kids name really loves you.

To give you som time to shower- perhaps you can start 20 minuets later.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Rebecca. Can you work it into your schedule that her hours don't change but that she has time to shower? She probably notices but doesn't know how to 1. Ask to take a shower and 2. Not have to come in earlier to take a shower.

Rub a dub dub said...

Are you going to pay her for the time she spends showering? That will easily add up to more than an hour every week.

Anonymous said...

For the love of god, do NOT do the passive aggressive crap (Rebeccas comment). Just simply say that if you ride your bike here, please bring fresh clothes and arrive early to take a shower. Riding a bike is a wonderful workout but I want you fresh for the kids.

End of story folks.


Anonymous said...


Why should she have to pay extra?! The girl would be saving money by showering at the house and if you go do a workout at the gym before you go to any job, is the boss paying for it? Seriously? WOW, get a clue. One is responsible for their own hygiene.

Rub a dub dub said...

Anonymous, I never said she *should*. I was just raising it as an issue that the nanny might bring up. Why so defensive?

Me! said...

I agree with Angi. She shouldn't be paid extra to shower. BUT she may not know she has permission to use the family's shower. Let her know you're thrilled she likes her gift but to bring extra clothes to change into

Nanny said...

I go with Angi & Me!

Be straight forward. I am a straight forward person and when people try to tell me something the "nice" way I always question what they actually want from me.

Toiletries & Towels are a great idea. That way she will feel welcome and doesn't have to question anything.

Anonymous said...

Just wait for her at the front door with a dripping sponge and a bottle of lavender body wash and if that does not cut it just roll out the hose haha!

Heidi said...

You can always just say "by the way, you can always shower here if you get here a bit early!" And then you can gift her a towel and stuff. I wouldn't want to ask my boss to shower, but if they offered I definitely would. Plus that is much less likely to hurt her feelings.