Staples in Port Chester, NY

Where: Staples located in Port Chester, NY
When: 5/29/15 11:40 AM
Description of Nanny:  Hispanic, smashed in looking flat face, brownish hair, petite but with a muffin top, wearing a pink lady's style blouse, possibly denim shorts, pants or Capri, with tennis shoes and socks.
Child: Boy of about 10-14 months. Strawberry blonde, straight hair, wearing a big bird shirt and sitting in a Bob three wheeled teal and black stroller.
Incident: I was getting my children out of their car seats. I thought I had seen someone bent over looking for something between the next two cars, so after I had my children out and their hands, we walked by cautiously. There was a nanny with a stroller right next to her peeing between two cars in the middle of the parking lot. There are restrooms in that strip mall. This was in the middle of the day. She had her pants/shorts around her ankles, so if someone would have grabbed the baby, then what? What perverts would have been attracted to her and the kid? There are people who have fetishes just like this. I also didn't like that my three year old said "I see a butt". Why does my child need to see your ass in the middle of errand running on Friday morning? And what the hell did you drink that you were still splattering when I reached the entrance and turned to look back to see your head still between the cars? I waited inside the glass door and watched because I wanted to see what car was hers. Well, she walked away from both cars and towards the direction of the supermarket building.


Anonymous said...

Wait the nanny was peeing or the kid?

Me! said...

I wonder if she didn't know there were bathrooms there. These things take planning, but I've never had to do this myself. The butt thing isn't an issue to me. People have buts but the security is an issue. Someone could have run off with the child.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! You are saying the NANNY was peeing?!?!? Seriously?

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked that this incident hasn't generated more comments. I would be horrified to think that my nanny might be peeing in a public street in front of my child. If she's willing to do this in public, what does she do behind closed doors in front of the child? Worrisome, to say the least.