Nanny V. Housekeeper 2015, #3

The nanny packed up all of our winter coats from the mud room because most of these were children's coats. The housekeeper moved all of our heavy winter coats from the hall closet to the attic closet. My husband believes he went to the ATM and withdrew $500 cash last week and shoved it in his NY Giants Jacket. I've asked "who packed up the Giants jacket" and no one claims to know. Meanwhile my husband is missing $480. (-$20 for Taxi). I know we can't get that money back, but it makes me wonder what else we are missing, will stand to lose if we don't figure this out.
Kevin Hughes


this_nick said...

There isn't a way to figure this out, short of installing cams and leaving money in their view to see who takes it. It could also be that your husband is embarrassed about misplacing the money or incorrectly remembers what he did with it.

Nanny said...

This is why I like nanny cams as a nanny. No way to be accused of shenanigans

Alice said...

So is the money actually missing, or is it still in the jacket somewhere in a box, hidden from you?

I mean I misplace things all the time and blame it on other people so it seems that could be happening here too.

Amanda said...

He probably spent it at the strip club. Lol