Nanny Camera Fail

I was going through nanny camera footage and I found some things that were odd and annoying, but not related to children. I was wondering if anyone else ever had this experience/problem.

Reviewing (quickly) 80 hours of footage:
-Nanny opens freezer atleast nine times and eats ice cream out of the half gallon container with her fingers.
-Nanny vacuums stove top.
-Nanny sings into vacuum hose.
-Nanny takes approximately 1,000 selfies
-Nanny chases dog, unsure if it is menacing or a game
-Nanny comes to vitamin cupboard, selects vitamins(?) puts in blender with yogurt. Applies to face.
-Nanny takes off her jeans, irons them on kitchen counter, puts them back on
-Nanny (and oldest son) seen running at mach speed towards sofa in family room, doing somersault and landing in flip on sofa.
-Nose picking, ear picking, cleaning ear with a paper clip, returning paper clip to stationary cup near phone.
-Nanny wearing husband's winter jacket and snow boots to exit and return to house, likely to walk child to bus.
-Nanny snooping through mail very thoroughly
-Nanny in multiple conversations on phone where she is angry and yelling (no audio, based on appearance only).

Most of the time this occurred falls in times when the children are in school. And I wasn't looking for anything about the nanny, but rather a repairman who we thought was responsible for stealing a check register. Anyway, it was more than I needed to see. We're changing the locations of the nanny cameras to face the front and back door and porch areas and foyer, so we can see who is coming and going.


Anonymous said...

Discussing. You need to front her. Going through mail- is grounds for firing anyway. You need to set rules or nanny contract.

Ali said...

Sounds like she has a ton of energy. That's good. Most of these are weird and/or gross but singing into vacuum hose is cute.

Ellyson said...

Very odd behavior. Maybe she's bored. As a nanny that's stuff I would never do, well don't do anyways, even at home. But are they really fireable offenses? I'd say no. Maybe sit down and talk with her if it's stuff that bothers you, but then you'd have to admit to watching her. So who's weirder?

Anonymous said...

Doing somersaults onto couch? I want to do that now with my charge. Lol

m pola said...

I take issue with this. This is your house. How dare anyone judge you for looking at videotape of what is going on in YOUR life. We have gas station clerks making $7 an hour reviewing tapes of people unknown to them. This is your house. You put a camera whenever wherever you want, not that you didn't explain your were intentionallly reviewing the footage for a purpose. Yeah, Ellyson, that's for you. Who's weirder? You. Because you have no comprehension skills and sound like a sneaky, dirty nanny.

Anonymous said...

This is comical yet not so funny for the parents I guess..I am laughing. I am a nanny also..Boredom can get the better of you when it is not your own house. Nosepicking is not the worst thing although gross but if she is eating ice cream with her hands I think that is something that needs to be addressed.That is truly disgusting and unhygenic..The rest is typical nanny behavior from the younger ones. As long as your kids are happy and house is sorta clean nothing is stolen who care about the rest?

this_nick said...

Histrionic much?

this_nick said...

Yeah, the main thing I'm concerned with is, are her hands clean when she's eating the ice cream with her fingers? Putting boogers and ear wax in (what I assume is) the household ice cream is soooo not okay - put a stop to that. Tape a spoon to the ice cream container with a note saying "eat with this" - maybe she'll catch a hint.

Looking through the mail isn't weird if she's a live-in. Otherwise she sounds nosy -- but watching and documenting all these silly things she's done indicate you're a little nosy too, so it's at least a good match there.

The rest of these seem either benign or awesome; take a page from your nanny and sing in the vacuum hose sometimes. You might have fun!

Alice said...

I don't think it's nosy to look through mail. I'm sorry, but if I'm employed at a home I a) want to know you're who you said you are, and b) want to know if I'm going to be fired soon.

Snooping through loose papers and envelopes is NOT a fire-able offense. Maybe if she was OPENING unopened mail.

I'm glad you at least are realistic and realize you don't so much care about these little things. Thanks for sharing, they are quite amusing honestly. :)

And moving the cameras to see who enters/exits is a great idea- that way if someone stole something large, you could identify exactly who it was, etc.

RBTC said...

keep an eye out - the behaviour seems a little off - BUT if she is great with your kid that would be my main concern