Doing A Great Job for 2.5 Years with No Raise

Hi Everyone!

I have been with a family for 2 and a half years starting when the kids were really young. It has always been part time, and often times I babysit for date nights. The mom and I are close and she has expressed how awesome she thinks I am and what a great job I have done in helping to raise them. My question is this-- I have never gotten a raise and I am wondering how to go about asking for one. I have gained extensive experience through other jobs, in addition to going to a credited university for child psychology. Also during this time the family had another baby. She recently asked me to work more which I would love because I care for them, but it makes me a little hesitant to be making so much less than I would if I took on other jobs (added experience + added education =more $). Can you please give me some advice as to 1) how to go about asking for a raise and 2) how much? I don't do any household cleaning other than normal/expected duties such as cleaning up after our toys, plates, crafts, etc. My expectations have remained the same, it's just that I have been with them much longer now and there is another child in the mix. I want to stay with them but this is also a job and I don't want to lose out on money from other potential families by staying at this lower rate. Any/all suggestions and advice are greatly appreciated. Please help!

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angi said...

You lost a lot of credibility when you didn't discuss a raise when the second kid arrived. That was the opportunity. Since your part time, you can say you raised your rates $2 motte an hour

angi said...

Since you're
$2 more an hour

Original Poster said...

Hi! Thanks for your comment. This is OP here. I should have mentioned that originally I was not to care for the additional baby. Mom cared for her 99% of time but as she is older now and schedules are changing, she will be in my care. Also, sometimes she will have her older two while I have the youngest, and sometimes she will have the youngest and I have the 2, or sometimes I will have all 3 while 1, 2 or all 3 are napping or sleeping. That's another reason why I am just confused on pricing/what's fair. Any ideas from nannies or other parents??

Anonymous said...

I don't think she has lost any "credibility." It's never too late to ask for a raise. And if they feel she lost "credibility" by not asking sooner, she can just find someone else who will pay her better.

OP, I would ask for at least 2 dollars more an hour. If they say no, start looking for a better offer.

Nanny said...

It's not about credibility. Just a missed opportunity. OP, in my experience, nannies get a 1-2 dollar raise per year or per baby. Whichever came first. I tend to seek 2 dollars per new baby and maybe 1 per year. So they owe you money. Have you ever been asked to sit down for a review? That's always a good time to increase rate and or discuss issues.

Anonymous said...

Too much math going on here and easy to screw up. A flat fee is in offset here. Napping/sleeping is're still there caring for the kids and there if they need you. Rough math out what the schedule s like at $16/18/20 or $16/20/22 rates. Figure out how much that is a week and flat-week or flat-day rate it out. No hourly crap in this situation.

Value yourself and stand by the math. If she takes issue this family is not for you anymore.


Anonymous said...

I confused you with the Jersey post but similar advice anyway

RBTC said...

you are not wrong to think of yourself, you care about them and that muddies the $$ waters, just be honest with them, explain it as you have here - you need to prpare for them to go somewhere else, but the rate they are paying you is low comparatively - keep us posted