Cleaning out the Mailbox #1

     This weekend we're going through the mailbox and answering all of the complaints and responding to the requests that have been sent in. If you have an idea, suggestion or complaint, please email
"Would it be possible to post a blog about all the commonly used nanny acronyms and their meanings? MB DB etc I feel like some are obvious (stay at home mom) but others I'm like who is this person referring to or what?" 

abbreviations i saw your nanny

This list is from 2007. Feel free to add anything new here and we'll update it!


Anonymous said...

Still don't know what mb or DB stand for!

Julie said...

MB is Mom Boss
DB is Dad Boss

Unknown said...

BM often means bowel movements.. Because ya know. Parents want to know about their kids every poop

Coco said...

What's OP?