2015 Day in the Life, #16

6:00-6:30 Up with baby first feed of the morning.
6:30-7:15 Lay back down, sleep.
7:15-7:30 Shower and dress
7:30 Wake up 10 year old, help him pick out clothing, put toothpaste on his toothbrush, soap on a washrag, set out his comb. Leave him alone.
7:35 Making breakfast for the whole family. Usually bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs. The parents usually leave the house with it on a roll or bagel.
7:55 Pack lunch and snack in bakpack. Make sure homework is there. Watch out window for bus. Send child out as bus is approaching.
7:55-8:30 The parents usually leave by 8, but sometimes, not until 8:30. At 8:30, the baby usually wakes back up. Until then, I sit and read the paper and eat breakfast and drink coffee.
8:40 The baby is up and the parents are definitely gone. Alternate playing with baby, giving baby cereal, starting both child's laundry, cleaning kitchen, baby in swing, singing to baby, mopping floor, etc.
9:45 Voice, "Is the coast clear" from the basement. I answer in the affirmative. My best friend Ellie has been staying with me for three weeks since getting fired from her job. She probably would have a job by now if the firing hadn't totally trashed her self esteem. She comes in the kitchen in my sweatpants and Notre Dame shirt. I ask her to make me a frozen coffee. She knows her way around the Espresso machine and the kitchen in general and in no time, I am sipping a frothy energizing beverage. "What's on today's agenda?" She asks, I respond, "fruit shopping, party supplies for Hubby's 40th,  going to Pool Store to get floats and toys for the pool, same old. She smiles and says, "Let me get dressed, Today could be the day".
10:30 The baby, Ellie and I are out running errands. Ellie is great with children and coos and plays with her while I select masculine decorations and sporty pooltoys.  I spy a giant metallic double raft and suggest to Ellie that I get this so we can tan during the afternoons. She agrees. I finish errands with my trunk loaded. I ask Ellie if she is coming home with me. "No, she says, I've got my binder". She's looking for a job, but she doesn't want to nanny again. She can't stand the horror of being owned by another and kicked out of their home. "Where should I drop you?" I ask. We agree that I will drop her at the Train Station. "Text me later and let me know," I say.
12:30 I am home unloaded the car with the baby. The baby is growing sleepy, but I want to stay up through her afternoon feeding and get good and full and get a good nap in. If she doesn't she will be cranky all afternoon. I've taken care of a lot of babies and she's easily one of the best.
1:00 I finish laundry and run the sweeper through the downstairs.I empty the garbage cans throughout the house and carry out the garbage. I put a pork loin in the over with new potatos and slices onions. I make a tossed salad and seal it in an airtight container. I decide to do a desert of German chocolate brownies. I make the 8 x 8 size and a tiny tray for Ellie. She doesn't ask for anything, but it's easy to feed her from leftovers and family supplies. Since she's in the city now, she'll probably grab a late lunch. Still, I make her a ham and cheese sandwich on 7 grain bread with Belgian mustard and put it in a ziploc. I through a clementine, a granola bar and a can of pepsi in a bag and carry it downstairs to my mini refrigerator.
2:40 The baby has slept so long that when the bus pulls up, she is still down. I always go with the rules of the parents. Some parents sleep train so the day schedule is regulated. This mother wants her down after first feeding in the morning and lunch and doesn't want her woken unless it's necessary.
It's a beautiful, sunny day outside. I stand in front of the front door and wave to the bus driver. 10 year old comes running up to the house. He always wants to know what day it is. "Is today Hockey? Is today soccer?" No today is free day. He double fist pumps and bounds in the house. "Homework first" I call. A rocket scientist in the making, he quickly and accurately plows through four sheets of homework and files it away in it's designated pocket. He shouts, "I'm going to Max's" I ask, "eat something first". He shakes his head, "Not hungry" and runs out the door. I'm sure he is hungry, but this is his one truly free day and he's not about to let snack detract from that.
3:10 The baby is up. I play with the baby on the floor. We listen to cute songs. We play with big balls. I make funny noises.
3:30 10 Year old has missed his first check in. I pick up baby, put her in the umbrella stroller and stroll down the street to Max's. I see 10 year old with a group of boys and a boomerang. Max sees me and runs toward me. "I was just coming, I swear". He says. "Okay, now you have a 20 minute window", if you miss the next check in, you're coming in. He sighs in agreement. These kids are good. He won't miss his next check in. He doesn't he checks in in twelve minutes. "How was that" he asks. "Very good, early. We'll restart the clock for 1/2 hour" I say as he backs out the front door.
4:15 I am outside swinging the baby in the her little swing on the swingset. I take a snapshot of her and text it to her Mom.  She immediately texts back, "I love it! Not feeling well, home by 5". I text Ellie and let her know. She informs me she won't be back by five. I tell her to take the train and walk to the Grill and we'll have dinner there.
5:05 The mom is home. She says she feels terrible. I offer her to stay. I am no hurry, I say. She asks how far dinner is and I let her know everything is ready to go. The table is set. She says, "no need to stay, I just want to lay down with "baby". I let her k now 10 year old is at Max's. I also let her know I will stop and let Max know that the clock is reset and he needs to check in with his mom by 5:35. She thanks me. I tell her I am going out for dinner and ask if she needs anything. She doesn't. I leave.
5:45 Ellie and I are having Daquiries and calamari.The bar side of the restaurant starts to fill up with lonely thirtysomethings and 40 and 50 year olds with shrill wives. How do I know? I've heard. Yes, truth. These men do not talk well of their wives. We are invited to join a group for a round. We thank them and leave. We decide to go see a movie.
9:50 I pull into the nanny spot in the three car garage. The garage is dark. I get out and walk to the mudroom which is just inside the garage door entrance. It's dark. Both cars are in. I indicate Ellie should come now. She comes in.. I check inside once again and send her down to the dark basement where my nanny suite is.
10:00 I lay in bed and watch TV. Ellie uses my computer to look for jobs. In the distance, a fire truck wails.
:) Nanny for 11 months in White Plains, NY.
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Anonymous said...

Wow. What a great run down of day. Pre-teens they sure are fun lol. Babies are just loveable, squeezable and oh so cute. All kids are!! Sounds like you are very happy there. Keep up the good work.

Jenna said...

Good work? She's sneaking someone into her boss' house! If she had some real ovaries she'd tell her boss the truth! Ridic!

Anonymous said...

You sound like an amazing nanny! Unfortunately, by sneaking a person into this family's home you are breaking all trust they have in you as well as potentially putting those kids in danger. If your friend were to, good Lord forbid, hurt one of those children or have another friend over who hurts one of those kids, or if the ten year old wonders down to your room one day while she is there and finds her, you are screwed. You are putting yourself in a position to be responsible for exposing these children to someone who hurt them OR, even if she is an amazing person you can get fired simply because she has been living in the family's home without their knowledge (which is FREAKIN TERRIFYING, TBH)

Anonymous said...

So sneaking people into your nanny house..seriously? Trust is the #1 one thing all nanny families ask for..clearly you don't value that.

Me! said...

It's absolutely ridiculous that you (OP) feel perfectly ok with your friend living in your NF's house without their knowledge. You're a horrible nanny. Trustworthiness is the most important trait a nanny can have. You seriously lack that trait. I would freak the @#$^ out if I found someone living secretly in my house! How could you possibly justify this Couldn't you ask your NF prior to letting her sneak in?

this_nick said...

I don't care who replies "I don't get people who say posts are fake" -- SO, SO fake.

MARDI said...

I used to sneak my boyfriend in to spend the night atleast f nights of the week. He was always out the door by 530. My employers were always so appreciative about how I always took the dog out for them first thing in the morning.

Live a little.

Bella said...

Mardi you're disgusting! You and your 'boyfriend' should have gotten your own place and then you wouldn't have to betray your boss' trust. It's not living a little.
It sounds like you were lying a lot!

Ram Ram said...