Two Scary Nannies at Dartmouth Park in Orlando, FL

Where: Dartmouth Park in Orlando, FL
When: around 12pm 4/14 (Tues)
 Description of nanny #1: wearing a green top with a little girl in a x3 summit jogging stroller with a pink sippy cup and a pink ball in the cargo area.
Description of nanny #2: nanny with a 2 year old with brown hair and big eyes a blue polo a puppy backpack with brown ears and Blue handle. She was wearing a black top.
Description of Event: Both Hispanic only speaking Spanish. Both kids were crying and wanted out of their strollers at the park nannies ignored them and shoved the stroller into a pole when the kid wouldn't be quiet. Both kids were afraid and distressed your babies were scared of their nannies.
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jenni said...

well at least they weren't fat. That would be turbo scary.