This is Why People Don't Get Involved

Whether a nanny with a child or a mother with a child, people are hesitant to get involved. This child was screaming for 20 plus minutes before a woman came to her table and asked if she needed help with her baby. The baby's mother defended her choice to let the child scream by stating that she was ignoring a tantrum. "The people in the food court were trying to have lunch and the baby was crying forever. Everyone was waiting for someone to do something. Finally, one woman calmly approached the table they were sitting at and sat down, in my guess so she would appear nonthreatening and not draw further attraction to the incident. This is what happened"

Who was RIGHT or WRONG: Mother attacks lady who sits at her table politely asking if she needs any help with her child who she ignores screaming for 20 minutes at a cafeteria disturbing customers!! Watch this next ->

Posted by ROCK-SOLID on Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Angi Martin, nanny of 30yrs said...

I saw this. I would have still confronted her but the moment she got up in my face is the moment I would have gotten security. I hope the woman who approched presses assault charges. This "mother" has no business being a parent. She spit in the womans face and got physical not to mention verbally abusive. I feel for that poor child.

Tony said...

I remember a posting on this blog years ago about two nannies who got in a fight like this in front of their charges. I would be so furious! This woman must hang her head in shame. She needs medication.T

Anonymous said...

She clearly over reacted there. However, I agree that people should learn to mind their own businesses , and that ignoring a tantrum doesn't mean child abuse . Although, since she was in a public space and that people where trying to eat in peace, perhaps she should have gone for a walk with him in the stroller to calm him down but otherwise , this is HER child and as long as there is no REAL abuse (physical or mental) she should be able to deal with her child 's tantrum her way.

maureen from SR, NJ said...

I don't care who was around, if someone spat on me, I would knock her the hell out! That's disgusting. I'd rather be punched.

Angi Martin, nanny of 30yrs said...

The approachee did nothing wrong. The "mother" was out of control....impeding on others. Supposedly this went on 20mins. The parent should have taken her outside to have her fit, instead, she chose to make others deal with the child SHE CHOSE to parent. A parent is the only one that should have to deal with that sort of temper tantrum. This is a cafeteria in some sort of hospital..... not a park, playground or chuckie cheese.