Leave Some Freaking Petty Cash Already

What is it with these UES moms who refuse to leave petty cash causing me to shell out my cash on a daily basis? Water bottle at the park? Mattress deliver for the guest room? Ice pop from the dojo (all the other kids get them), birthday flower delivery, balloon bouquet, grocery delivery, out of bread grabbing a loaf of bread because there was no bread for sandwiches? I feel like a fool a pauper itemizing $4.70 or $3.20 or $8.60. Stop and think moms. If you were home all day with your kids and relegated to the monotonous schedule you have assigned us of lessons, activities, school picks, drops offs and always those countless errands you stuff in as well as the repairmen I am forced to wait for (no doubt putting my virginity in peril-have you seen some of these Dudes?) Imagine if you will that you are in my shoes, now try and get through the day without a cent to your name. It doesn't freaking work. Stop making me beg!

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Angi, 30yr nanny said...

Dont buy anything anymore. You dont need to....if you lack a tip, simply say "sorry, they didnt leave any cash". Dont feel bad about it either. It will look bad on them, not you. When and if it comes up, explain to them that you cant afford to dig in your pockets for their expenses. Done.

Lacy said...

--Stop opening the door for service people. I don't deal with that, I'm not risking me or the kids.

--pack a water bottle, problem solved.

--"Sorry Bobby we can't get an ice cream today, mommy did leave us money for that"

-- Sorry delivery people I can't pay you. Oh you can't deliver it? Oh well.

--Notice the bread is getting low, write a note/text. Doesn't get replaced "sorry Bobby, this is lunch today"

--Grocery's didn't get delivered because they weren't paid for-- Not your problem.

-- Anything else that needs you to pay, "The Mr and Mrs didn't leave any money, sorry"

And Finally, when parents get home and all or some of that happened: "Oh Mr/MS Smith, I didn't have any money for XYZ" Don't apologize. When they complain about the extra fee's with re-scheduled deliveries, or what ever... simply tell them "I didn't have the extra cash, rent was due/its shopping night/its laundry night (what ever)"

The repair man you need to have a blunt conversation NOW with them. Happened to me once, no warning. Told the guy through the door I can't open it (He understood). Called my boss, he didn't think about it, and understood my side of it--then thanked me for caring about his kids safety!