Island Harbor Park in Mamaroneck, NY

Date: 4/28
Location: Island Harbor Park in Mamaroneck, NY
Description of Nanny: White, about 5 feet tall, blonde hair in long strait pony tail, wearing jeans and a red sweatshirt with a yellow lion on it.
Description of child: White, boy of about 3 years old, round face, dark brown hair, wearing a long sleeve white shirt with a cartoon of a walking hamburger on it.
Description of the vehicle: 4 door, white Toyota Camry, 2011-2013, tinted windows.
Incident: The nanny was on her cell phone most of the time, even when the boy was playing in the saucer and being pushed around by an older boy who was clearly sick, dripping snot from his nose and being physically aggressive with this boy. When the boy was playing he would yell occasionally, "I need to go to the bathroom,"but nanny didn't respond or look up. Finally, an Asian woman took him by the hand to the nanny and said, "He needs to go to the bathroom". The nanny responded really sweetly to the lady, as if it was the first time she heard it. She got up and walked to the bathroom, as they got parallel to the bathroom area, the nanny started talking really tersely to him. The kid had crapped his pants and she was trying to chastise him as harshly as she could without alerting other people. I was watching her the whole time. She acted like the kid had done something wrong. I heard her say, "you kept playing with shit in your pants?". She never touched the kid but grabbed him by the elbow and told him that he had ruined his time at the park and they had to go home now. When she got closer to the park she didn't say anything but sighed in my direction (expecting sympathy?). As she made her way to the parking lot, she started getting louder and telling him he "would NEVER play at the park again, NEVER" and "see what you've done.


Sara said...

Oh hell no. This bitch needs to go. Did she have an accent? Alot of them in that area are au pairs

Wednesday said...

Aw I feel so bad for him. He was already humiliated! A child's sphincter isn't strong enough to just hold it and hold it! Poor thing probably went without control :(