A Day in the Life 2015, #5

7:00 am Arrive. Sometimes C is still sleeping; so I straighten up kitchen and toys from the night before. Dad is usually still sleeping and mom is upstairs getting ready for work.

7:30 am C wakes and either mom or I greet him- sometimes both of us; but I give her some time because I'm with C all day. We change diaper, get dress, wash face and brush teeth.

7:45-8 am Depending on morning- I give C choices for breakfast using pics. its usually oatmeal, yogurt, and fruit. Sometimes eggs or waffles

8:00 am Still eating- loves his breakfast!!

8:15- Or when ever he is done: I straighten kitchen and rinse off his dishes- I will wash them later..

We head downstairs for "school time" We look at flashcards. He knows a lot of signs. Very smart little boy. We work on our basics (colors, shapes, letters and numbers). We also read a story.

8:45 am Depending on what time he woke- he maybe ready for a nap. Usually goes 2-3 hours. Sometimes doesn't nap at all. If he does take a morning nap- We go down about this time. He will usually sleep an hour or so. As I leave the room- I puled his trash.

9:00 am- Falls asleep. This time I wash up dishes, do C's laundry if needed. Have myself some breakfast

10:00 am C wakes and I go up to greet him. We say goodbye to Sophie- stuffed giraffe I got him for a gift. He won't sleep without Sophie. I change his diaper. If its Monday/ Tuesday- we have a quick snack- and head off to the library for storytime. If not- after snack- we have fun with music and work on fine motor skills. Sometimes we paint or do another craft.

11:00 am We either head outside or have fun with a Gross Motor Activity. He is very active and this is his favorite part of day.

11:30 am We clean up and head to kitchen for washing hands and making lunch. We sit and talk about our morning while we eat. His lunch is usually some sort of meat. a veggie and lots of fruit, He has a major sweet tooth.

12:30 pm We head upstairs to change diaper and read a story. This time maybe off a little- depending on the day. But usually a 2-3 hour nap at this time. While he sleeps- I straighten the house, do laundry and eat lunch. I check emails, watch T.V or nap.. He is extremely active and makes me sleepy.

Between 3:30 and 4 pm: C wakes from his nap. I change his diaper and let C play in playroom (gated across from C's bedroom) We go down for a small snack to hold C until dinner at 5:00pm

4:00 pm- gymastics time- we turn on baby channel and follow the teacher. We do our MyGym exercise!! He loves our gym time

4:15 pm We head outside for a stroller ride, bubbles or exploring.

4:45 pm We go inside to get ready for dinner. Dinner is uaually just like dinner.

5:00 pm Dinner. After C is done. I let him play with toys while i clean up the kitchen. Depending on day- we will head upstairs for a bath. Playtime until parents come home around 6:15 pm. We talk about the day and anything that may have come up. I hug on C one last time and wish him and parents a good night.

*C is 13 months old. Nanny works Monday-Friday 7am-6pm & is paid $10 per hour.
Send your submission to . Please include hours, pay & general location.


Nanny said...

You do an awesome job for $10/h. Sounds like you have experience in child development and for this you deserve a raise!!!

Sarah said...

Thank you😃

Corina said...

Yeah really! You need a raise.

Anonymous said...

Schedule has changed for C. Stay tuned!!