Need to Move on..

I have a tough problem. I have been with this family for four years. The employers and I are not close but have a very good pleasant relationship. I am very close to the two children and love them. I know they are very satisfied with me and have done many things to make sure I am happy here, but the truth is, I don't want to work as a nanny anymore. I want to go to work in my field and start accruing a 501K and I want to have coworkers and go to happy hour. As much as I know this, I know that telling the parents this is going to be very hard on the whole family. I am asking you parents and nannies what can I do to make this easier on them? What kind of notice should I give? Some have suggested I help them find a new nanny but if that does not work, I would feel responsible and more guilty? Speaking of guilt, how do you get past the guilt? It is very important to me to end things on a good note as I don't want to be completely out of the children's lives. Help.


Anonymous said...

It's okay to feel guilty. Its also okay to tell them how you are feeling. You can offer to help find the next person. Offer to babysit or come visitthe family when you can. Sit with parents first away from kids. They can help break news to kids. Its never easy...

UMS said...

I disagree with anon above. It's no ok for you to feel guilty. You have nothing to feel guilty about.

How much notice should you give? Well, whatever you give, expect the possibility that the family will become hostile and possibly cut your hours or let you go entirely.

Trust me: families, especially moms, go nuts when their nanny, especially a good one, quits. It's worse than leaving an abusive spouse.

Get them to give you a review on paper first, so you have proof that you did well there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with UMS. Why feel guilty. You are moving on to the next chapter of your life. Just a suggestion do not give over two weeks notice. In my own experience, I made mistake of telling family month in advance. Thinking kind thing to do after many years. They got rid of me within two weeks.

Not sounding negative. But most families do not keep in touch after you leave. Look I have been doing this off and on. Only one family I keep in touch with. Sadly, one family I really liked working for when I was younger. Never kept in touch. It made me feel really bad at first. Even a few years ago I wrote mom on FB just to show her my own family. No response and that's okay!