Childcare Proposal

Hello Readers,
I live and work in NYC and I have two children who are 2 & 4. They both go to day programs during what is typically known as the school year. I have a friend from college with a daughter who will be starting college in TN in the Fall and she has over the years, repeatedly asked to come and visit, come and stay with us. Once we had the children, she offered babysitting. This isn't something I have sought out, however, if I were willing to allow her to come and stay with us for six weeks in the summer, what kind of salary/stipend do you think I should offer? I am thinking that I would put the girls in an afternoon program, so she would do mornings with them from the time I leave for work approx. 730- until 1:00 when the afternoon program started and then she would be free. She would of course be living with us and I would provide her room and board. Just for the sake of reference, the girls are part of a great day program and I don't need to do this, just thought I could give them a break from their routine and utilize a friend's daughter and help her earn a bit of money for college.


breanna said...

She won't be able to save any money for college unless you pay her generously. She is going to want to do things in NYC, hence the whole point of coming out here. Do you know her well enough to know she will make it a good time for your kids or is she going to appear on I SAW YOUR NANNY?

If you do hire her, even though the hours are relatively short, I would say give her $500 a week.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Breanna. You should pay a normal childcare wage, taking into account that live ins make less because they're receiving room and board.

It is not your issue to pay her more than the going rate for childcare simply because she wants to save money for college and to do things in NYC. I've been out of the game for a while, but I'd assume live-ins working ~23 hours a week make around $300-400/week? (Figured based on $13-16 hour instead of $20+ for a non-live in)