Why Men Love Nannies

     ASK Men asked, Why are Nannies So Hot?  They continue..."recently, we noticed ourselves drawn more to women with children — not breastfeeding mothers. Actually, not mothers at all, but nannies not far removed from the likes of Elin Nordegren. Mostly in their early 20s, it’s obvious they are not the parent of the 6 year old they’re watching." (Read More)
     Simply having an attractive nanny somehow gives people the reason to speculate that the your husband must be involved it with the nanny. Gianluca says she wouldn't hire a nanny based on her appearance, but would be concerned about a nanny who was "too focused on looking good," (See Nanny leaves newborn and toddler sweltering in car to go tanning). Tori Spelling allegedly fires a nanny for being too sexy and MTV offers 6 Reasons To Date a NannyWe know it's not Spring yet, but what is with the hot nanny obsession?
Stefani's attractive nanny
led to specualtion about her marriage. 
 Scantilly clad nannies have been the subject of more than one ISYN sighting.

Nanny Kristie Marie Jones left two children in a car on a 90 degree day to go tanning.


Liandra said...

I am offended. I am offended as a human being, as a woman and an attractive wonman.

Anonymous said...

What a waste of time reading this article. Totally