Nanny Quarters Across America

Not all live-in nannies and aupairs live the life of luxury alongside their employers. Not all nanny employers are fabulously wealthy. Much curiosity exists in the nanny community and from outsiders with regard to what its like to be a live-in nanny. In the near future we will be running a weekly series on the live-in nanny experience.

As a prelude to ISYN's return, we solicited submissions from live-in childcare providers. We sought to know what their live-in quarters were like. The submissions ran the full spectrum from nannies sequestered in windowless basements and nannies who shared bathrooms with their charges to nannies with their own guest cottages and nannies who were provided studios and one bedroom apartments in or proximal to their employer's homes.

Here, we give you, Nanny Quarters Across America, part I. 
"My place is small, filled with Ikea products, but great AC, great view and private entrance."  ES in CT

"I don't spend a lot of time in here. I know other people have
better accommodations, but I'm 4 blocks from Times Square." Rachel in NYC
"My room is a made up of every piece of junk they should have thrown out, like my 80's tv."  -Amber, Brooklyn
"I've been with this family three years and my room is part of an addition. I have my own entrance and a small mini bar sink, refrigerator & microwave."
"The best thing I can say about this room is that they put a pull out sofa here and don't mind if I have friends over. I don't have my own entrance but it is private. You have to go through the laundry room to get here." Anonymous, Westchester

"Others may have bigger spaces, but I have
privacy and my own entrance."  
"Cramped space on the same floor as two of the children." E, NJ
"It could be worse" -Meredith, PA
"I've been here too long" - Kristy, outside SF
"I can do what I want in here and they can't hear me. I've been here since October and my boss says we can make plans to spruce the place up if it works out."  Amber, Dobbs Ferry, NY

"My boss thinks this is really over the top, fancy, top of the line." Anonymous,  Boston Area
"This was Aunt Mary's room. She died here. I feel her presence, but it's a good space"  S, NJ

"This is the closest I am going to get to Park Avenue living." Lysa, NYC

"Lots of space, windows, private entrance. The decor is weird. If it
works out, I'm looking to enhance it a bit."  Georgia, Outside Seattle

"The sink in the room seemed weird, until I realized I could pee in it.
I wish I had my own bathroom. It blows to have to get fully dressed to take a piss."  Anonymous

"No AC, next door to the kid's playroom and the playground equipment is outside of my
window, so if they think they see my shadow, they call for me to come play, even on Saturday mornings
when I am off."  Nicole, Westchester

"Functional and comfortable. They even let me get a puppy." B, CT

"I should have cleaned it,but you get the gist. Too small. Mixed
and match furniture."  Sharon, NY

"I think they really tried. They're really nice people" -Janice in CA

"I hate everything about it."
-Anonymous, NYC

"I like that I am not in the main house"
-Ashley, Georgia
"I could have a whole family up here and they wouldn't know.
They don't ever bother my space."  Anonymous, CA
"The mother once asked me to keep my room neater. I told her if her son wouldn't
come in here to 'play with me' on my time off, It wouldn't be so messy."
"My room is in the basement, but the basement has it's own entrance, a gym, sauna, pool table and theatre room"
-K, Fairfield County, CT
"I travel a lot with the family and when we travel, they get me good rooms. This, this is basic.
It could be worse." Anonymous, NYC
"I'm in the basement but I have a pretty good sized window." Anonymous, NY State 
"My room is pretty small. It's at the end of a long hallway, separate from
the family and my bathroom and closet are good size."  G outside LA
 If you are a nanny or an employer and would like to share a photo of your living area, please email isynblog@gmail.com a single image of the area with any information you are comfortable providing.


AMY said...

Brazilliant! I love it! My boss would have a k-nipshun fit if I even posted a picture of anything in the house. It is even in my contract.

Lenna said...

This was me. I don't know why nannies go to work and accept pauper accomodations. I think my employer would be embarasses by most of these accomodations!

Venus said...

Jennifer Lopez's nanny accomodations are in my link. It goes to an article.

Jasmin said...

To be honest, some of these rooms are larger than some flats I've lived in :)

jennyfromtheblock said...

I wouldnt live in an area that was smaller than 300 sq feet. That is the size of a basic Radison or Marriott. Anything less than that is not meant for a live in nanny. I have heard people say, "well my nanny is not having a bigger room than me". Ok, so right, you want me in your living room with a mother fucking slurpee on a Thursday night watching Die Hard 2 while polishing my toenails?

channing said...

If my nanny didn't keep her room spic and span, shed be out the door. Some of these quarters are disgusting pigpens.

Anonymous said...

Chaning tidy your own room first drinker

Rebeca Johnson said...

Can we do this again? Idk why but this peaks my interest soooo much!

Rebeca Johnson said...

Can we do this again? Idk why but this peaks my interest soooo much!

Anonymous said...

From the looks of these rooms, it appears that being a live in nanny in Connecticut is the best bet. Also, some of you need to clean your room. With the exception of the one who said their charges come in and make a mess, you leave it like that to teach her to respect your time off.