Rough Nanny at Barnes & Noble in White Plains

Who: Bullish looking American babysitter or nanny, wearing brown corduroys, carrying a brown suede bag with fringes on it and wearing a baby blue puffer jacket.
With: Two year old baby boy, round face, dark eyes, dark hair, olive skin, wearing a blue coat with Paddingtong style buttons and a NY Yankees beanie with a puffer ball on top.
What: Nanny took child in the restroom for her personal use. I was in the restroom at the time. He was being ornary but she was very rough on him. I heard some thrashing in the stall, the boy was crying. I couldn't be sure what had happened though. About five minutes later, she is in the sale book area and he is whining for food. She had a pack of mini donuts and she gave him one. He threw it on the floor. She picked it up angrily, looked around and then smashed it in his face.
When: Friday, January 23, 2015, around 11 AM
Where: Barnes & Noble Bookstore, White Plains

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