... the horrifying moment I saw the NANNY attacking MY BABY

     When Rowena and Jack Churchland sat down to watch footage from the video camera they had installed in their son’s nursery they expected to find nothing of particular concern. 
     They had, after all, only put it there as a precaution, hoping it would give Rowena peace of mind after she had, reluctantly, appointed a nanny to look after their precious son one day a week while she returned to work in the family business.
     Instead, what they saw on that chilly January Saturday night horrified them. There, captured with dreadful clarity, was their 18-month-old son being assaulted by the woman they  had trusted to care for him. (Read More)
But the warnings? 
At first, Rowena and Jack had little reason to be unhappy. As time passed, however, Rowena admits the odd incident made her uneasy. ‘Agatha occasionally told small lies about where she had been — I once spotted her in the supermarket doing her shopping while she was with Olly, but she later denied being there.’  
Then, around Easter 2012, Rowena received a call from a neighbour while at work. ‘She said she had seen a baby left outside our house for quite a long time — she was worried Olly could have been taken.’ 
Understandably concerned, Rowena nonetheless felt she needed to allow Agatha a chance to give her side of the story.

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