Tomkins Square Park in NYC

NANNY: African American, under 5'3", about 120 lbs, short, short hair. No makeup. Three earings in one ear. Denim shirt and denim shorts that were knee length.
CHILDREN: Two girls about 2 & 4. Abigail was the oldest one. The younger girl had red curly hair and brown eyes. The older girl had blonde hair and was wearing a "big bad wolf" sweatshirt. The little girl had on a yellow rain jacket.
INCIDENT: The nanny sat on the bench and texted. She barely interacted with the kids at all. The younger child needed help getting up and down the steps or on the swings. All the nanny did was yell at Abigail, "put your sister on the swing", "push her", "wait for her at the bottom of the slide". The four year old wasn't even able to be a four year old. The sad thing was there was a group of three girls who wanted to play with the four year old but the girl kept being pulled away by the nanny to care for the young child. The saddest thing was even when the nanny didn't tell her to do something, she would see her sister struggling or just sitting there and she would go to her and try to make her happy or engage her.
LOCATION: Tomkins Sq. Park, NYC
DATE: Monday, May 6. 1230 PM

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Kristen said...

Denim shirt AND denim shorts???

Kristen said...

Change the title to "Bad Dresser Sighting". It's lame, otherwise.

DBD said...

How is it lame?
Isnt this blog supposed to be for things like this? All you nannies to is kvetch and moan about us not paying your taxes. Screw you, nanny fucker.

NannyAnne said...

Nanny here! I agree, that this should be the main reason this website / blog exists (although the other posts are nice to have as well!). If I was a parent I would want to know that my nanny was behaving like this, especially in a public place where you need to pay attention even more!

@Kristin, are you even a nanny or MB or at all involved in the nanny world? I get the feeling your just here to start trouble.

Nay The Nanny said...

Poor little girls!!! Great big sister that 4 year old is. What a lousy nanny...I hope the parents get hold of this information. Excellent siting OP. That just infuriates me.

The real Kristin said...

I'm pretty sure based on her other posts Kristen is just here to be an a&&!

katydid said...

Completely inappropriate DBD!

Is this the worst out there?

No, but I think this is a fair sighting.

Fortunately those girls didn't get hurt while nanny wasn't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

What the hell does it matter that she had three earrings in one ear? SERIOUSLY?!

MissMannah said...

Anonymous, It makes her easier to identify. Isn't that the point?

PS: We need to bring back the days of deleting anonymous comments.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Women!! Please act like the ladies I hope you all are and stop dropping the "F" bomb.

Stay classy.

Anonymous said...

Some people's phones (like mine) don't let you post with a name if you don't have an aim/google/livejournal etc account. So anonymous is our only option!

As for swearing- I don't think swearing makes us any less of 'ladies' thank you very much

Manhattan Nanny said...

Good post OP. The 4 yo is doing the nanny's job. The parents should fire the bench potato and get a real nanny so their daughter can be a child.

Bethany said...

This is a good sighting .

Not only was nanny not doing her job and the girls missing out because of that, but also the girls could have been injured!

Does she have Abigail get her sister's lunch at home too?

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...


I disagree.

Dropping the "F" bomb DOES make a lady look less classy and more trashy. Esp. here on a public website that discusses children's issues.

Perhaps I am from the old school on this, but I just don't think it is appropriate.

Tara said...
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