Suburban Gossip

I am a nanny in a tight neighborhood in a NYC suburb. I have been with this family for four years. My problem is this family on the next street over. They have fired several nannies since last summer. Each time, it is abrupt and without severance. The middle child has some issues that the family does not acknowledge. A case in point is that the middle child "accidentally" broke two of the family puppies legs. The rumor is that the child is ADHD and the mother snorts his Ritalin. I don't want to say more about the kid, but I could. Those who know him don't let him play with our children. I think this kid could potentially seriously hurt someone. I think the nannies who interview for this job should be warned but Im not about to stick my neck out. Should I do something or bud out?


MissDeeGraduates said...

Breaks the puppies legs and has ADHD? Ummm, that sounds more serious, like the beginning of sociopathic behavior. Mom snorting drugs? Can you elaborate more?

HannahKoyun said...

I do not think she needs to elaborate on here? I think OP needs to go to the relevant authorities where it will be dealt with and not gossiped about as could turn out to be a very serious situation.

AMom said...

Since this is all rumor or you truly do not know anything and have never worked for this family yourself, butt out! You would just be spreading gossip that you have no idea is accurate or not

nenanny said...

If you have actually evidence that something is happening not just wild neighborhood gossip this needs to be reported.

I've worked in neighborhoods where nasty gossip about a family goes around because the nannies and moms in the area were jealous , didn't like that neighbor's wife "wasn't one of then" etc.

I've also been in situations where the entire neighborhood knows neglect/abuse is occurring and nobody speaks up.

Is the chatter you are hearing valid or simply malicious?

BKmommy said...

If you feel that what you have heard is more than just gossip, you have the responsibility to report this. CPS and other agencies bear the burden to investigate and prove/disprove that abuse/neglect is going on.

This is the number to the mandated reporter hotline. You do not have to give your name.

CleaverJune said...

I agree with BK Mommy

If you believe that this child has issues and is doing things like breaking the legs of animals you are obligated to report to the authorities immediately. If you have the contact information of the previous nannies, you should give it to whomever you report this to so they can find out if it is fact or rumors.

I agree that all of this is disturbing and warrants concern and a serious look into the truth... But also know it could very well be rumor.

I would not get involved with telling applicants, but I would extend myself to the person that gets hired and let her know that if she ever wants to talk, you're there for her.
I guess all of it comes down to wether or not you believe all of this, or if you think it is likely just rumor.

MissMannah said...

Wow, I can't believe yall are taking her seriously. She has absolutely no proof. All this is vicious gossip. No, OP, you do not need to do anything about this unless you are prepared to ruin several people's lives.

Nanny S said...

So this family has a high turn over rate for their nannies and the mom might steal her kids prescriptions and snort them... what does this have to do with you?

I always live by the rule of "don't deal with crazy unless you have to". Do nothing, OP, but focus on your own life and own job :)

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Unless I had more proof than simply "word of mouth" here, I would stay out of it.
It is best not to get too involved in such situations.
However, since a child is involved here...Perhaps take a wait and see approach. Keep your ears and eyes open and aware and if you DO find anything out on your own, then I suggest you make a report to the authorities, etc.

Good Luck.

Bethany said...

I think the best thing for now is to say nothing.

You haven't witnessed anything, so you would just be spreading possible lies, and could possibly cause problems for yourself.

However, keep your eyes and ears open and if you witness abuse or neglect be file a report.

LittleMiss said...

I had horrible untrue gossip spread about me and it's not fun! A while back, some neighbors thought DB and I were having an affair because they saw him come home in the middle of the day. They would see both of our vehicles there for an extended time and assumed the worst. First, MB worked from home and her vehicle was always in the garage. Second, DB would come home sometimes to have lunch with her. Unless, you have proof do not continue to spread gossip!