Palisades Mall in NJ

African American or Puerto Rican nanny wearing red jeans, black ankle boots and a black s/s sweater. She carried a black quilted purse with a gold chain. I got a picture but it is from way far away. The nanny was taking care of a three year old/three and a half year old with long blonde hair. He was a boy in a NY mets baseball hat and he had it on backwards and had on a white "54" shirt. (White with "54" written in tire track print). I am reporting this nanny because the child was really misbehaved, but she lost her patients with him. She grabbed him with one hand on his face by his mouth and jaw and squeezed really tight. He started crying right away and she said, "oh honey, did you bump your head" and no he didn't bump his head you squeezed his face. So she pats him and coos him and then they walk on. He is running and zig sagging around her and she is growing more impatient so what does she do? She trips the boy! This was at 320 PM today. (Wednesday) @ Palisades Mall in NJ. I don't know how long she had been there but she didn't seem to have an agenda and was browsing. I have a feeling the kid was just overtired of being at the Mall. I think the way she handled him was wrong and immature.


♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

Great sighting OP.

This nanny does not seem very loving or compassionate at all.
She sounds like she does not have a very good personality to cope w/a young child's different moods, etc.

If this is how she acted in a public venue, I cannot even imagine what goes on in this poor little boy's home.

Hopefully something happens and someone close to the family reports this mean nanny!!

Bethany said...

Good sighting. This nanny sounds immature and frightening.

I'm actually surprised no one said anything when she tripped the boy.

Hopefully she is found out and replaced with a loving nanny.

MissMannah said...

I LOLed at "patients".

Kristen said...

Is squeezing/tripping a kid or losing your patients worse? not sure lol

ericsmom said...

OP I think you mean Palisades Mall in NY. There isn't a Palisades Mall in NJ. Unless, you mean the Garden State Mall in Paramus?