Nanny Pay Across America, #2 in series

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Part 2

Marin County, CA
On salary: 53,500.00 year
Taxes: yes
Method of payment: $1604.00 (net) direct deposit into bank account every 2 weeks
35-40 hours per week.
Time trade for overtime.
Paid time off several times per year when they travel without me.
Two weeks paid vacation/ seven paid holidays
Five paid sick days per year
Use family car on job.
ATM debit card for child related expenditures.
I've been with this family almost 2 years (in July

Yearly Salary $73,000
FT-Live Out Nanny , 2 kids,Mon-Fri, 8am to 530-6pm &1-2 nights overtime for night time care e.g. babysitting.
Adjustments to pay: Occasional weekends at weekend rate, plus travel with family when needed.
Adjustments to pay: Live-out monthly rent stipend $900
On or off the books: Paid on The Books
Use of family car while working , Child are duties only
Other: 10% raise every 6 months
**A higher salary comes with an even bigger price. Children disrespectful, no rules or boundaries, stay at home mom who was very confrontational...and attacked by family pet. Random weekly schedule change at beck and call of mom.
Austin, TX
Today's pay: $528 - $13/hr for about 40-455 hours/week
Pay period: weekly, every Friday
Method of payment: check
Taxes on the books or off: on the books
Disposition of payment: personal check handed to me by the kiddos
Adjustments to pay: none
Pay supplements: Bonuses and/or PTO handed out about 3 times per year, usually Christmas, Spring Break, and my birthday
length of time at current position: 2.5 years, but I am leaving next month to take a summer position (which pays $15/hr)
years of Nanny experience: about 4
Denver, CO
Today's pay: $600.00
Pay period: Every Friday for 8-6 M-Th and 7-5 on Friday,
Method of payment: Cash.
Taxes on the books or off: off the books for them, I have to claim independent contractor
Disposition of pay: Left laying by or under fruit bowl on Fridays
Adjustments to pay: none
Pay supplements: Bought me a bike for my birthday last month
length of time at current position: 1 year, 4 months
years of Nanny experience: 1 year, 4 months

New Rochelle, NY
Today's pay: $800
Pay period: M-Friday 7-7.
Method of payment: Check.
On the books or off: Off
Disposition of check: Handed to me on Friday evening.
Adjustments to pay: -$50, second in three payments employer is charging me for 'damage; to her Calaphon dutch oven pan.
Pay Supplements: Never
Length of time at current position: 9 months
Years of nanny Experience: 8 years

Winnetka, Ill
Today's pay: $2240, gross
Pay period: biweekly pay period, with one week kept "in"
Method of payment: Company check
Taxes on the books or off: On the books through one of their companies
Disposition of pay: direct deposit
Adjustments to pay: Cash on Fridays for any overtime @ $25 per hour. (Usually about $200 extra per month).
Pay supplements: Health insurance, 100% paid for by employer, childcare for my two year old, 100% paid for by employer.
length of time at current position: 3 years
years of Nanny experience: 5 years

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1 comment:

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

@Denver, CO....Your employers are royally screwing you. They do not pay any taxes, yet you do as an IC (Independent Contractor)....WTF??!! I would report them, but if you really and truly love your job, then sit down and have a talk w/them. Tell them for a Nanny to file taxes as an IC, it is illegal and you need to file as their employee ONLY. Which means they have to pay taxes as well. It's a two~way street.

@Rochelle, NY: I am appalled that your boss is taking money out of your paycheck for breaking something of hers while on the job.
It is HER responsibility as YOUR employer to have insurance on anything you use on the job. I would most definitely leave her in the dust once your final check clears.