Insufficient Funds

I have been a nanny for this family for eight weeks now. I looked for a job for awhile cuz I wasn't about to work for some whackadoodle or work 12 hour days. So I work 8-5. Hip hooray. No. Besides having to ask for my second paycheck and not get paid until the Tuesday past payday, my last paycheck bounced. I had deposited it in my account to cover my expenses. Their bounce check made me have two bounced check fees to my bank, plus another bounced check fee to one establishment I wrote the check to. I told my employers that I had fees because of it and they apologized. How can I get reimbursed for these fees ($110) without losing my job?


nenanny said...

Is this a job you want to keep?

Me thinks you need to find a new job.

Sorry, but 8 weeks in and already pay issues.

Red flags honey!

They should be embarrassed and offering to cover those fees.

You shouldn't be working until you get all your due pay.

Get your money in cash from now on.

BKmommy said...

I agree. This is huge red flag. Here are your options:

1- You can ask them to cover the fees. Provide them with proof of the fees and continue working.

2- Ask that they cover the fees and refuse to work until you are all paid up.

3- If you lose your job over this, you can file a claim in small claims court for your fees. It happens A LOT and the process simply involves filling out a piece of paper, submitting proof and paying a $20 clerk fee.

Good luck!

AMom said...

I would just nicely ask them for it.Most employers will reimburse your bank fees if it stemmed from a check they gave you. Show them paperwork from your bank that shows what you were charged. If they balk at paying it, start looking for other work. Oh, and don't take checks from them anymore, cash only

CleaverJune said...

Get documentation from your bank showing that their check bounced and that it caused however many other checks to bounce and what those fees are. There may be fees incurred from the people who recieved your checks that bounced... Be sure to find that out and get any proof of those fees as well.

Approach your employers professionally and let them know that you understand that accounting mistakes happen, but that you cannot absorb all of the fees associated to their mistake. Let them know that you expect them to reimburse you immediately for the fees that you incurred because use of them and provide them with copies of documentation showing the charges you incurred (don't forget to black out your private banking information like account numbers, etc. on the copies you give them.)

I would probably also make it very clear that if it happens again I would also be assessing a returned check fee of (insert a fee that you deem appropriate.) I would have all of this in writing and have an addendum covering returned checks, what happens when they pay you late, and a policy that from then on ALL pay checks will be either in the form of Cashier's Check, Money Order, Or Cash. Get them to sign it, agreeing to all of these things.

No matter If you like these people or not, you need to protect yourself. Any contract that I have covers returned checks, late payments, etc. because I have been in this situation before. With every employer, my contract has gotten better and more detailed.

Just remember.... You can be assertive without being an asshole. You can be professional without being a jerk. There IS a way that you can approach these people and have them feel that you are just being professional.

However... I sincerely hope that you start seriously looking for another position ASAP. Two months of employment and already having late and returned checks is a HUGE red-flag.

Good Luck!

Manhattan Nanny said...

You have had 3 red flags. You were not paid on time. The check bounced. When you told MB about the bounced check fees, she didn't offer to reimburse you. A check might bounce if someone just makes a mistake about their checking account balance, but paying late, and not taking responsibly for fees she caused is a very bad sign.
If I were you I would definitely start looking for a new job. In the meantime, present your MB with a copy of the part of your bank statement with the fees, and ask to be reimbursed, and to be paid in cash from now on.

MissMannah said...

Why the heck would you want to keep this job? These people belong on your whackadoodle blacklist.

Nanny S said...

Thanks for posting this. I am in the process of drafting a new contract and will be sure to put in that if either party writes a check with Insufficient Funds, the other party is responsible for all associated fees.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...

I agree w/the posters who stated this is a red flag.
Think about it....You have ONLY been w/this family for 8 wks. and already they forgot to pay you on time, when they did they paid you by rubber check and they didn't offer to pay any fees incurred due to their mistake. In their defense however, they might not have known that you incurred such fees. Did you mention to them that you did? If so, and they still didn't offer to reimburse you for them, then they are just cheap and no good.

Anyway, if you can financially afford to, I suggest you quit and seek another position. I know you had looked for another job for some time, but honestly OP, this is just plain unacceptable to me. However, if you are in a financial bind and must work, then ask to be paid in ca$h only from here on out. If they balk at that, then you have no option but to leave.

If you do move on, make sure you do so after you have all of your monies. If paid in check for your final pay, make sure it clears and you have the money in your pocket.

I don't think the family is intentionally trying to screw you over, but I do think they are kinda flaky and scatterbrained.

So sorry you have to be going through this ordeal.
I sincerely hope your next family is more responsible.

To protect yourself in the beginning, I would ask any future families to pay me in ca$h only payments. If they wonder why, simply explain your dilemma now. If they like you as a nanny, they will comply.

Good Luck!!~

Teresa said...


Anonymous said...

Different perspective here....

Last year, after 20ish years of no bounced checks, we bounced 3:
-mortgage on a piece of land

Very long story was just us being disorganized and not to do with inability or unwillingness to pay. Luckily our bank recognized our good credit and we, our nanny and housecleaners didn't get charged. We were fined for the land loan.

Bottom line: ask for the fees. We would have paid them. Your employer should too...


Kristen said...

You shouldn't have to ask these people to pay the fees their irresponsible behavior caused. Huge red flag. I'd look for another job after all this baloney.

ericsmom said...

Cash their checks from now on at their bank. If the fund isn't there they will tell you write away. Then you can call the family from the bank. Say hey look I am at your bank trying to cash this check and no funds are available.