Happy Friday

Thank you to all the new blood on the blog, putting together features & creating a buzz! We desperately miss the lovely & talented MPP. We've started some great new regular features and hope to do more. The need for nannies to be able to review employers does exist, however, we had one malicious little kitty hell bent on sabotaging the feature and then the blog. We have temporarily pulled that feature but we have big things in store. We hope that by pulling this feature, our little troll will feel released, and free... to the world or whatever. Best wishes, Jane, Effie & Lamar.




nenanny said...

Personally I was on the fence with the bad bosses feature. Yes nannies do need to have a way to spot bad employers.

I'm a huge fan of contacting fellow nannies in the area or insisting on talking to a previous nanny as a reference. I know that's not possible in all cases.

I do feel like it's a very thin line to tread, and personally I think the last post through no fault of the OP went a bit over line.

Maybe you could have a feature where nannies could ask about certain employers and readers could thumb them up or down and give specifics if they so chose.

I don't know.

I are able to find a way to find a good balance for this feature.

RBTC said...

very funny post here - you guys are doing a great job! It's very fun taking a break from comp work to all the new and interesting posts

ya know - if the family in question had not already had complaints on the web with their name - then "mama from hell" would have been only be able to kvetch rather than descend as far down into toxicness as she did

bring back the feature - boy was that post very valid - but be careful not to make names available - any troll can just fume instead of have a toxic breakdown that can actually affect the blog

thank you for your hard work!

On the fence... said...

I do think there is a way for that feature to work without publicly "outing" a family under iffy circumstances. A nanny friend of mine was fired for very good cause (put the child's life in danger) and she proceeded to try to badmouth the family when she was immediately fired with no severance (obviously).

I think since the last post had the other link it made it more valid. Perhaps in the future the OP can submit the post with the name of the family and the city, but when the post appears only the city, number of kids and ages are listed for everyone to see. Then, if a nanny lives in that area and is interviewing for a job that fits into that criteria, they can contact the blog admin for the name of the family?

A nanny who cares said...

Thank you so much for all your hard work! I've been a reader and poster for 8 years now and ISYN is once again my favorite blog!

Nanny Mila said...

Thank you to the blog administrators for all you have been doing lately for this awesome blog! I love the new features and I notice that this blog is updated quite often. I know it must be a lot of hard work to keep this blog current, so kudos to the administration for all you are doing.

I understand how some posters on here can make you angry, however I suggest that you do not call people names and not go on and on about this person or that.
While I understand your frustration, it makes you appear as if you have no class and are back in middle school, etc.

Sorry, that might have come out much harsher than I intended, but I believe a blog, especially one about children should keep the focus on the concept for ISYN which is to protect our children. It only cheapens the perception of this blog to sling mud just because one person made you angry.

Believe me, as a long time visitor here, I have had people say many unkind things to me as well as been subjected to much name-calling. I try to ignore it and not give that person any extra attention that I feel is warranted.
Just a little suggestion. I hope you consider it.

I just bookmarked this website and I will stop by once a day or so.
I am looking forward to the new features promised.
While I love the nanny sightings, I also like reading other nannies experiences on the job and seeing how they deal with things that I am dealing with as well!

the biggest baddest blogger on the beach said...

Nanny Mila,
Name calling? A troll is an accurate description.

I cannot be the only person who saw said person descend into a spiraling abyss of madness.

I don't think the feature should be pulled. Since starting as a blog to report bad nannies, the blog has tried to find ways to represent nannies too especially in imperfect and often perilous work conditions.

I do think that pulling the post saved said person from having a heart attack. The frequency of times she visited the post no doubt made it easy to identify her IP address.

I hear "the call was coming from inside the house"

Kudos ISYN Nanny Team. Love to MPP wherever you are!

katydid said...

Didn't there used to be an ISYN chatboard?

Maybe you can bring that back and sticky a section for nannies to report bad employers.
There could be a section for each state and the right up could be very general something like

Ritchie Rich Family from Too Much Money Ville, FL

How long nanny was employed
days and hours worked
What number nanny she was
The number of children
Why they are bad, should be specific, like constantly late without prior notice and no extra pay, constantly underpaid, went through personal belongings, verbally abusive etc.

It's enough info for a potential nanny to recognize a potential employer and they could PM the original poster for more details if needed.

It would also be easier to find info on your specific state.

Also if nannies do feel their charges are being abused by their parents they need to report to their local CPS.

I'm okay with nannies reporting bad employers.

I actually think it would be great if reported parents and nannies had a chance to respond and defend themselves.

But In my view the original post gave so much info out that anyone not just a curious potential nanny could figure out where the family lived and the children as well.

RBTC said...

i have never laughed so hard as when i saw the singing troll!!! You guys were not name calling at all - just summarizing the exchange !! keep it up - good job!!

Ann O'Neemus said...

Rats! I'm disappointed - I missed the excitement...

RBTC said...

ann - i will try to summarize it - the blog admins posted a feature - "bad bosses" - the Op did not give their names in the OP - BUT - to back up her claim she supplied a link on a very interesting site called "rip off report" that mentioned the name of the bosses in question

so - a troll on this site freaks out in a very irrational way - not wanting specific info given out about - well, many different things - which is the point of the blog

the troll claimed to have contacted the bosses legal team with the goal of destroying the blog and the hard work of the admins and then claimed to leave and never come back - which would be helpful, but doubtful

the blog admins handled it brilliantly - treating us to a hilarious serenade by a troll while working hard on various additions !

so - thank you to the admins for their work!