I have known several employers who have found themselves in this same situation with their confident nannies. They have all ended pretty much the same way.


Nanny S said...

I do love me some 30 Rock humor, but there is clearly more to the hypothetical story here.

If parents want to retain their nanny's services, they can't unexpectedly cut her pay in half (by cutting her hours) and expect that to be okay. It's so irritating that parents shy away from the responsibility of being someone's EMPLOYER while requiring a level of commitment from their nanny that leaves her unable to supplement her income.

MissMannah said...

I only watched the first couple of minutes and it left a bad taste in my mouth. That nanny was belligerent and condescending and, quite frankly, gives the rest of us a bad name. For once, I would like to see domestic employees portrayed professionally.

Melanie K said...

Hi Miss Mannah,
Yes, I can see why the video leaves a bad taste in your mouth. However, this does happen. And after parents extricate themselves from such a strange relationship, they are sometimes guarded, strict or even uncool to the next nanny. Some parents I know used to be generous and tip often but it only takes one crappy nanny for them to become bitter.

Esther said...

My neighbor has a nanny like this. She is so afraid of her. If she misses her train, she pays me to take my charge to her house and relieve her nanny so the nanny doesn't miss her train.

ericsmom said...

I thought it was funny!! Had to share on my facebook page.

Bethany said...

I laughed. It was a bit exaggerated as TV humor almost always is.

I do agree I would like to see a wider variety and more positive portrayals of nannies on TV.

As far as real life negotiating goes while I don't recommend you roll your eyes and snack while meeting with your boss, many times saying less is and advantage. Of course you should always come prepared with information for when it's needed.