Nanny Pay Across America, #1 in series

San Diego, CA.
I get $425 / week.
I work 35-40 hours usually, and get do not get overtime (time and a half) mainly due to the fact that in 1 year of employment, I've never had any overtime.
I get $0.55 per mile I drive for activities relating to the children and we have a $20 fun money pouch to use at our discretion.
If the pouch is empty or running low, I just give it to MB at the end of the day and she refills it before the start of the next work day.
I have four years if nanny experience, ten years of babysitting experience, and 2 years of infant and toddler teaching experience.
I have been with my current family for 1 year.

Northern VA about an hour from DC
I'm a live in (I have an apartment on the property) and make $800 per week for 50 hours.
I am paid Biweekly through direct deposit on the 1st and the 15th .
I'm paid on the books
I get .55 for every mile driven with my car (I try to use the family car most of the time), reimbursed for gas, OT after 50 hours, and a bank account with debit card for kid related stuff \.
I've been with this family almost 9 months, since their child was born.
I have 5 years of experience

Maryland/DC area
Today's pay: $15 per hour
Pay period: 40 hours
Method of payment: personal check, she uses a service that tells her How much to write me the check for, then I assume she sends them a check for the taxes
Taxes on the books on or off: on
Disposition of payment: personal check handed to me at the end of the week
Adjustments to pay: Nothing
Pay supplements: none length of time at current position:. 2 months
years of Nanny experience:. First "official" nanny position, but I am a certified teacher and have been in childcare for 9 years and babysitting for 15 years.

Orange County, CA
Friday's pay: $900 pay period: Tues-Friday.
Method of payment: Cash
Taxes on the books or off: On. My boss pays both my share and her share of the taxes. Her accountant handles it. Basically they gross up the $900, but I have been brining home 900 since January when I got a $50 raise.
Disposition of Payment: Envelope on bulletin board
Pay Supplement: Visa card that I use for gas with little restriction (at her insistence)
Length of time at current position: 3.4 years.
Years of nanny experience: 7

Los Angeles, CA
Friday's pay: $625
Take Home Pay period: 5 Days
Method of payment: Check
Taxes on the books or off: On the books
Disposition of payment: Envelope with my check and a piece of paper listing any changes for the schedule (if any) for the following week are left for me every Friday in my "Nanny Inbox"
Pay supplements : Yea....I wish!
Length of time at current position: 4 Years
Years of Nanny experience: 13 Years

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♫ Selena said...

To give us readers a clearer picture, can you please state the ages + # of children you care for?

Thanks so much.

By the way, who is the current administrator of ISYN?? Is it Jane Doe? Nanny Megan? Or someone new??
Just curious. ☺