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National Domestic Workers Alliance
Domestic Workers are denied basic labor rights. Though domestic workers are professionals who do real work everyday, domestic workers are excluded from many of the basic protections guaranteed by the Fair Labor Standards Act to most other workers in the United States -- things like minimum wage, overtime, sick and vacation pay. Many do not earn a living wage and work without access to health care, paid sick days or paid time off. Because of domestic workers' unique workplaces -- inside other people’s homes -- the struggles domestic workers face are largely out of the public spotlight.
The National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) is changing that and working to win the protection and recognition that this essential American workforce deserves


talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

While the NDWA is doing some very important work, the fact that they flat-out LIE about domestic workers and the FLSA makes me furious.

Listen ladies (and gentlemen): If you are a domestic worker, you ARE protected by the FLSA. You ARE entitled to be paid at least minimum wage. You ARE entitled to be paid for every hour you work. You ARE entitled to overtime in most cases and in most states, although there are exceptions for Live-In employees.

You have EVERY right to ask for PTO, for help with health insurance costs, and for other benefits such as guaranteed pay. You have EVERY right to refuse to take a job if the employers will not agree to offer basic benefits.

Whether you are a legal worker or an illegal worker, you have the right to contact someone for legal advice if you are being paid less than minimum wage or if you are being somehow mistreated or abused. If you have no money, contact the local legal aid society. If you are an illegal worker, there are protections in place to prevent the INS from becoming involved if you are reporting worker abuse.

KNOW your rights. SHARE that knowledge with others. REJECT lies about your rights by knowing your rights and speaking up for others who don't yet have that knowledge.

Movements based on lies about how much worse things are than they really are make the organizers look both stupid and foolish. Yes, there are many things that need to be improved upon in the lives of many domestic workers. But making people who already feel disenfranchised and powerless feel WEAKER is NOT the answer!

Effie said...

Thank you for your response. I don't have anywhere near the knowledge you have. Thank you for sharing.

DAISY said...

Depending on the state, you have to pay a live in OT

i'd say said...

More like indentured servants...

♫ Selena said...

I would think that EVERY state would require paying any working person a minimum wage and OT pay.

I also think domestic employees should be mandated to have lunch breaks, but I know that is a long shot. Perhaps wishful thinking.

talesfromthe(nanny)hood said...

Selena, the federal government mandates that all domestic workers get paid at least minimum wage and OT pay depends on where you work and whether you live in or live out - different states have different rules there.

Mandated breaks for domestic workers who are not responsible for any other person when doing their job (i.e., a housekeeper with no childcare or elder care responsibilities) would work, but giving a nanny or and elder caregiver a mandated break when she can leave the house is illogical and will never happen as long as there are some people with sense in charge of making laws.

What is done with the children or the elderly person when the caregiver goes off to her lunch break or other shorter break? The failed CA legislation did not address that issue, and the suggestion was made by some that parents could just come home 3 times a day for a total of up to 2 hours so that nanny might leave the premises for her break.

That would just result in parents dropping nanny care and heading to daycare.