Day In The Life

I'm a live out so at 5:45 I get myself up and showered and leave my house by 6:30 hopefully with enough time to stop for coffee.
6:55 I arrive and usually the baby is awake or waking up. I change the baby, get the baby dressed and then we peak in on big brother. By 7:15, he's usually up so I get him dressed next and than we have to get the oldest up at 7:30 for school which is a task.
7:35 go downstairs start breakfast for the kids and get the oldest boys lunch packed for school.
7:55 the oldest is downstairs and eating. This gets messy once I'm feeding all three at once. The baby (18 mo) is still a quick eater and has choked a few times and the middle one is the slowest eater. So I'm constantly trying to watch the baby and listen to/break up arguments.
By 8:15 breakfast is done for all and I quickly scarf down some sort of food.
8:20 get coats and shoes on and either Dad or I will take oldest to school. If I take him I need to get the little ones ready which is a little more time consuming.
8:30-8:40 depending if I take oldest to school, we come up comb our hair and brush our teeth.
8:50-9:30 we play inside with all kinda of toys. Mostly unstructured play so they can be independent which they love. We also clean the playroom briefly from night before and that day. On occasion, we do a craft but usually the kids lack the focus.
9:30 change baby's diaper and get coats and shoes on. As well as bathroom breaks.
9:45 we head outside (weather pending) and we either play on the mini playground or walk either to parks or local coffee shops. When it was colder we would bundle in the car and head to the local mall or library for story time.
11:00 I prepare lunch. Basic lunch foods, occasional leftovers. I usually unload dishwasher and load in breakfast dishes.
11:45 I change the baby while brother finishes lunch.
12:00 if brother eats a good lunch, I'll reward him with 15 minutes of tv time while I get baby down. We read a book or two, I turn on some instrumental sleep music and rock her till she gets tired.
12:15 baby is usually down. So it's the the 3 year olds turn for nap. Which he always fights me on and throws a tantrum which is fine by me since it wears him out more. So we go potty, read a few books and I turn on some music for him and within 45 minutes he's asleep. Occasionally I'll read him another book in the middle.
12:45 I eat lunch for myself, clean up dishes from lunch. Clean counters, on occasion I do some harder cleaning but not much is expected. I usually either read a book or watch Netflix. Sometimes I'll work on hw.
2-2:45 baby starts waking up. It's a pretty wide range. I change her diaper, we usually have girl time and read books or just walk and play with whatever she gets into.
On the rare occasion I pick up the oldest (2-3 times a month). I wake both little ones up around 2:50 and we head out by 3, pick up the oldest and are home by 3:25.
3:15 The middle one usually wakes up. So I put the baby in the baby jail and get him up. Most days he has an accident so we have to change his bedding.
3:25 Mom brings the oldest home. All three kids have a snack of fruit and/or treats.
3:40 we all usually head outside to play some more. The oldest usually plays with neighbors while I play with the little ones in the yard. If we don't go outside I give the oldest 20 minutes on the iPad dependent upon his morning behavior. The little ones have some more play time or all the kids play together. Usually a meltdown from the older one occurs so he tends to spend time by himself.
4:30 (hopefully) mom or dad come relieve me. We talk about the day (we have an ejournal for communicating too so it's pretty brief). I head out the door and back home before night school.


Realnannytalk said...

Can someone post something other than a "day in the life." Maybe it's just me but they are incredibly boring. Other than the one about the grumpy live in which no other nanny wants to admit but that was probably the most like reality out of what's posted. How about a day where the kid screams bloody murder for no reason, or poops everywhere, or throws the whole plate of food on the floor as soon as you put it on the tray haha. I love my job and my charges and we have a great time but come on guys no ones day is as surgery sweet as these posts make it out to be lol.

♥ Amy Darling ♥ said...


I agree.
People if you are going to post "A Day in the Life" segment, add some drama, humor...anything!!

These are SO boring when you tell us how much you all love your perfect jobs, blah, blah, blah.

Add some spice + color to these please!

nenanny said...

Some days and weeks are sweet and fun. It,s both good with the challenging. We don't only need to read about bad/stressful days to feed some people's need for drama and negativity.

That said, I think maybe the day in the life's should be done once a week like one giant post. Reading them daily gets boring. I'd rather see more advice type questions.

PlzPostSumthinElse said...

To me it's them wanting everyone to know what a perfect nanny they are. Blah. I do this from this time to this time then I'm a perfect nanny until I leave unscaved without poop, pee or an ounce of spit up anywhere in my perfect nanny world

Casey said...

Keep up the good work :)

Nay The Nanny said...

I personally think its silly to complain about something like this. If you guys really hate these posts then maybe you see "Day in the Life" in the title and make the decision not to read it. Just a thought. I do agree with nenanny though, doing it once a week might make more sense. But in my opinion, these posts just show that some nannies, lots of nannies, really are happy with their positions and love what they do. I just posted one...I am NOT a perfect nanny. Nobody is. But 90% of the time I love my job and I decided I wanted to share that on a post about nannying. Sorry if I bored you...I think its great to see that not every nanny hates their bosses, dreads going to work because of some unnecessary drama or sucks at their job. It, like the positive nanny sightings, shows some positivity.

nenanny said...

I like the day in the life feature for all the reasons you listed , Nay.

I just think posting every day makes for a boring blog. This week 90% of the postings were DILs.

That's why I think posting a group of them together, similar to Cl-wtfs, would be a good compromise.

nenanny said...


You seem like a good nanny and busy!

I don't know if I could keep 3 little ones anymore.

Glad you love your job!

Anonymous said...


AussieNanny said...

Ooops, hit enter too fast.
Can someone let me know how I submit my story of being in nanny hell. It is a gem and I would like to share with everyone. Thanks!!

NayTheNanny said...

Totally get that and agree nenanny. :)

CS said...

It's pretty simple, if you don't like reading DIL, then don't. Nobody forces you to read it.

NayTheNanny said...


yep said...

I hate the don't like it, don't read it.

I don't like them- I don't read them but we can voice our opinions if we want to if we think it gets to be dry and uninteresting. the monikers want us to read it and they care about what we think. BAM take your cliches and get some words of your own.

megthenanny said...

@AussieNanny, you just email your submission to :-)

Tara said...

I agree with CS. It's not rocket science.

Ms. Judy said...

@OP it seems like you are a great nanny and enjoy your job. Ignore the negativity :)

Anonymous said...
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westcountrygirl said...

Is there no way to block these idiot spammers?!

neva_eva_always said...

I actually like the DIL's because I realize that I'm not the only nanny with days like that. I thank my stars there aren't many days with throw up, spit up, temper tantrums, or vicious children. I've been taking care of kids for over 20 years and I have perfected a few things. The evil eye (my dad complains I use it on him), eyes in the back of head and multitasking while carrying children. If you can do even one of these you're a good nanny. If not you probably have harder days and don't like the DIL's.

OP said...

I just enjoy reading about other people's days.

I did put what happens in a typical day. The kids have tantrums but a 10 minutes freak out vs a 9 1/2 hour day is no big deal. I love my job, even when the kids fuss and muss. I don't love everyday but not everyday is bad and just because I'm a nanny doesn't mean that I am miserable as much of you people have incorrectly concluded.

The parents don't ask too much of me, I don't have any responsibilities outside of the children and myself. I stay busy and ignore temper tantrums. Each kid has at least one a day, and kids spill and make messes of course, but why should I include that I go home with yogurt in my hair or that the little one gave me a black eye on accident? Of course messes happen, they're small children. But I don't care about something that small...