Day In the Life of a Very Happy Nanny

7:56AM: I arrive and hear the voices of MB, DB and A in the bedroom. As I begin to put my purse away and greet the kitty (Kitty Kitty), I can hear A saying my name. "Who's that, A?" "Nee Nee!" :) I go into her room and talk to MB and DB as they get her diaper changed and get her dressed for the day.
 8:00AM: We all come out to the living room and DB prepares A's sippy (or, "Elmo milk.") She sits on the couch with MB and drinks some of her milk and we discuss A's weekend.
8:25AM: MB and DB give A kisses and leave for the day. A waves (finally! After lots of coaxing sometimes...after all, she is very busy.)
8:30AM: I make A some breakfast while she plays. (Sometimes oatmeal with banana, sometimes eggs and toast, sometimes a waffle ad yogurt.)
 8:40AM: Breakfast time! I sit A in her highchair and read her books, sing her songs and finally give her blocks. (She is such a good eater but gets bored and only has 6 teeth so meal time takes longer than her attention span will allow...I try my best to keep her entertained!!!) 9:15AM: "Out, out!" I clean A's face and hands and take her out of her highchair. She plays some more while I clean up from breakfast and wash her pacis from the night before. Oops...A climbed on the couch and took a little spill off of it. Guess she thought she could fly...she's a drama queen but only cries for about 5 seconds. I snuggle her and sit her on my lap and put on Play With Me Sesame...and attempt to put her hair in pig tails (she finally has enough hair to do it!!!) while she is distracted!
9:25AM: I pack the diaper bag for our outing!!!
 9:30AM: "A, we need to put on our shoes!" "Shoosh!" A runs to get her shoes and is actually able to get one on herself. "Help!" I help with the other and we are out the door. "Bye Kitty Kitty! See you later!"
10:00AM: We arrive at the mall for Gymboree class!!! A loves her gym class. :)
10:45AM: We may have some snack in the mall food court. Then we either play in the childrens' area which A adores, or go on a ride or two.
 11:15AM: Diaper Change!
 11:25AM: On our way home.
11:45AM: Home from the mall, A plays while I get her lunch warmed up. (Mac and cheese with spinach and a fruit squeezer. This toddler does NOT like fruit other than bananas, applesauce and fruit yogurt.)
11:55AM: I put A in her highchair and begin the lunch time routine. More singing, books, puzzles, entertainment. This toddler gets dinner theater at every meal with me!
12:30PM: "Out! Out!" She has wanted out for a while, finally I decide she really has had enough. Clean her up, take her out. Let her play while I wash her dishes and unload the dishwasher.
12:40PM: I join her for some castle building. We give some love to the kitty.
12:50PM: Night night kitty. Off to the bedroom for diaper change and cool down time. We read 2 books, I sing her a lullaby and put her in her cribby with Hop Hop the bunny, her blanky and 2 pacis ("papis".)
1:00PM: A is out cold.
 1:45PM: I put the wash MB had in the washer this morning in the dryer.
3:45PM: Kitty has been sleeping next to me but I know she will be complaining for dinner soon. I deicde to feed her before A wakes up. 4:00PM: A is stirring. I go to get her up. Snuggle in the chair for a moment before A spots something she wants. "Da, Da!" (That, that.) "What? This book? (no) This one? (no)..." Finally, I grab something for her and give up on what the poor toddler is actually referring to. Diaper change! (Sometimes a fit, but I brush it off and usually that works.)
 4:10PM: Put her in her highchair for snack and sippy cup ("Elmo milk") Snack is usually yogurt, a fruit pouch or a banana, depending on what she had earlier in the day. Try to get her to finish her milk.
 4:35PM: We grab our diaper bag, put on our shoes and head over to the park! Swings first, then some time in the sand followed by the other equipment. A is getting pretty good on it but still likes Nee Nee to go in too...:).
5:15PM: We walk home. Get in and unload the diaper bag while A plays. I sit on the couch to catch my breath.
5:30PM: Either DB or MB is home!!! I tell him/her all about our day (even though I have been sending texts and pics anyway.) 5:40/45: I give kisses and hugs to my little A and tell her to have a great night and that I will see her in the morning! Sometimes she waves...sometimes she is too busy. :) A is 19 months old and I have been with her a year next week. I love my job. :)


nenanny said...

A sounds adorable. Glad you enjoy being a nanny!

Nay The Nanny said...

She is soooo sweet and totally adorable. Today has been tough...I am just really wiped out. Made the mistake of taking her to lunch today when my tolerance is already she threw a couple tantrums and peed through her outfit. AHHHHH!!! Lol napping now, going to do so myself. But TGIF...come Monday, I will be thrilled to see her smiling little face.

nenanny said...

Haha, I know the TGIF feeling. Which is why I sometimes question if I could be a mom.

I love my little charge she is the sweetest and cutest little thing, but somedays "quittin' time" can't come soon enough.

Always happy to see her again at the start of the week.

Nay The Nanny said...

Totally and I agree. I think even moms need the occasional break though. :) I also think there is something different when its your own child. But Monday is here and I missed my crazy girl!