CL - WTF 2013, #1 (Prepare to be disappointed)

We need your help, because we had only an handful of ads submitted to us this week. We need your help to find the most outlandish, exaggerated and downright strange childcare advertisements online. Please email!
I read this and was seriously like? WTF?  What is going on here?
Respectful, honest, hard working nanny/maid LIVE-IN available ASAP

Posted all on the same day in NYC:
For real?
Nanny for 90,000 live in (5 day or 7 day) (UES)

Career Nanny for long term position - $80,000 depending on exp (West Village)

Exceptional Nanny for caring family 95,000 a year for the right person (CPS - NYC)    

Are they requesting specific ethnicities?Domestic Couple Job for man & woman Spanish Tagalog Philipino Chinese (Westchester NY)

Sorry, but I'm laughing my f*&#ng ass off.
your dream manny (Upper East Side)
well educated with 2 masters degrees under my belt and a PHD in progress
was in the national team for swimming, and water skiing .. am dolphin when it comes to water .. i can teach ur kids how to swim sail, surf , windsurf, dive ..u name it

This sounds promising:
Nannying Services from my Home (North Merrick)

What is with this dangerous trend of young nannies posting pictures of themselves and they're young children in advertisements?
Low Rate Baby Sitter/Nanny/Pet Sitter (Kent)


Nanny S said...

Honestly, I think there are way too many Craigslist WTFs on this site. A few are funny every once in a while but when I need to scroll through an entire page of them every week, in my opinion, it's just too much.

Nanny S said...

Honestly, I think there are way too many Craigslist WTFs on this site. A few are funny every once in a while but when I need to scroll through an entire page of them every week, in my opinion, it's just too much.

Belle Vierge said...

I love CL-WTF, and I wouldn't mind seeing more. Maybe it could be a weekly feature, with the best five submissions of the week or something. That way, it's easier for readers to ignore if it isn't their favorite column.

Nanny S said...

Belle Vierge, it's so depressing because these people are serious!

booya said...

All the parents who click on links for "super low rates" should be hung in the town square. Stay home with your own children or find for them quality childcare. People who provide quality childcare don't provide rock-bottom prices. Why would they? We (mothers) are always looking for a good daycare, occasional sitter or nanny. Cheap childcare is for the conscientious methhead who doesn't expose her children to her drug use.

MissMannah said...

Maybe my tolerance level has gone way up recently, but I don't understand what was so WTF about any of them. Sure some of them sounded like dumb kids that I would never want to hire, but there are some dumb parents out there who will gladly hire them.

cnanny2902 said...

Well, the last one is pretty appalling, because that girl can't possibly be more than 25, she has a young baby, she posted a photo of both of them AND included her address. On Craigslist. So now every wingnut and pervert knows what she looks like and where she lives. Not smart. I wouldn't hire her solely based on her extremely unsafe behavior. If she's not smart enough to keep her child's identity off the internet, she's not smart enough to care for someone else's children.

Holycow said...

I am living in the wrong state....95,000 a year to be a nanny. That is like more than five times what I make as a nanny in Virginia.

areader said...

High paying jobs typically come with high expectations and high stress situations, extremely long days, and an endless amount od duties.

Works for some, but not for me.

I'm inclined to believe these are scams and not actual high paying jobs. The wording of the ad is not at all professional.

Andrea Aguirre said...

I agree that these are pretty iffy, but I am a young nanny (22) and feel disappointed that there is so much prejudice against young nannies. I have a college degree, emergency response training (with CPR and First Aid) and have worked long hours as a live-in with special needs children of different ages. I wish people would take me a little more seriously and be more open minded.

Bethany said...

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a young nanny.

The young nannies in these ads are being scorned because they come across as being unprofessional and immature.

A Nanny said...

@areader hit the nail on the head. I'm an NYC nanny making upwards of $60k yearly but I typically put in 12-14 hour days. That much time in someone else's home comes with a laundry list of responsibilities besides the kids, let me tell you. I've been running this household since I was 22 and the STRESS is crazy.

Nay The Nanny said...

I agree with Mannah...the two that stood out to me as WTF were 1.) the mom who wanted to live in yet stated that she has a young child...does she want to live in with her child? that was unclear and seems strange to me and 2.) the manny who posted a gazillion pictures, non related to childcare whatsoever. Lol.

NYCmanny said...

Hi, NYC manny here. areader is correct--the set of oddly-worded, high paying nanny postings are indeed scams. They're the work of information harvesters, and if you're dumb enough to respond to one with your resume, welcome to the world of SMS spam, etc. (And if you don't include your resume in your reply, they'll send you a one-sentence email demanding it.) There are $80k+ nanny jobs here in NYC, but they're NOT available via craigslist.

Also, it's hilarious you guys found the 'dream manny'... he's been posting on the NYC craigslist for months and is a running gag in my circle of mannies. Because someone with two advanced degrees and postdoctoral work would choose to post a photo of themselves receiving what appears to be an associates' degree at a community college. And, you know, use texting shorthand in a professional context.